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Scandinavian Coffee Tables

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"Scandinavian Design" was popularised internationally in the fifties. Already with decades of innovation behind them, international economic conditions began to improve and people looked for new, improving furniture that would befit the new age.

The Scandinavians have a natural wealth of designer and materials on their doorstep - and Scandinavian coffee tables typically combine luxury hardwoods like ash, alder, beech, cherry, maple, oak, teak, walnut and wenge combine with steel and even that most modern and practical of materials - Corian.

A plethora of shapes and woods are available to choose from, in classic and contemporary designs, making the Scandinavian coffee table a perfect addition for living rooms.

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A special range of retro-shaped coffee tables from Denmark

Woods: Ash, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut

Danish Retro

Coffee tables

Skovby's range of height-adjustable coffee tables

Woods: Beech, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Wenge

Skovby Adjustable

Coffee tables

Beautiful modern Danish range of crisply-designed coffee tables, nests and side tables

Woods: Ash, Beech, Cherry, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut

DM900 series

Coffee tables

Beautiful range of optional Corian, solid hardwood and steel coffee table in a range of shapes and sizes

Woods: Ash, Corian, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut

DM1800 series

Coffee tables

Danish Modern server cart

Woods: Ash, Oak, Walnut

Stainless steel, hardwood and laminate server cart trolley


Coffee tables

A range of Classic Danish coffee table in many shapes and styles

Woods: Alder, Ash, Beech, Oak, Teak, Walnut

Classic Danish

Coffee tables

A range of contemporary coffee tables from Denmark's Skovby

Woods: Beech, Cherry, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut


Coffee tables

Danish tray-like coffee tables from Nissen and Gehal

Woods: Ash, Oak, Walnut

Nissen and Gehl-designed coffee tables


Coffee tables

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