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Once you've chosen your perfect dining table, there's that small matter of finding the ideal chair.

In some cases the choice is obvious: traditional upholstered solid wood dining chairs with two carvers go with a traditional solid wood dining table; and a couple of leather bench seats will complete your bench dining set.

But in some cases you can be more experimental: how about going entirely for dining room chairs with arms (they'll take up a lot of space,

but every guest will feel like a VIP). Or what about going for a contemporary dining chair in a variety of different colours? The effect can be both welcoming and stylish.

Have you considered modern-style barstools alongside your kitchen counter? Perfect for quick snacks or long chats. And what about some elegant occasional chairs - scattered around the house in bedrooms and hallways, ready to be put to use for larger gatherings.

Great dining chairs are the key to enjoying your wonderful dining table, and they can add another dimension of character and style to your dining area. Luckily, with our range you'll be spoiled for choice.

And, of course, all our dining chairs are durable, comfortable, superbly designed and expertly crafted. That's what we're all about - we never compromise on quality.

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A150 Bar Stool


Height adjustable Bar Stool and Dining Chair

A150 Bar Stool

A151 Dining Chair


A modern dining chair featuring a unique flex function for optimal back support.

Modern dining chair from DenmarkA151 Dining Chair

A152 Dining Chair


A classic, yet contemporary take on a retro dining chair.

Classic dining chair from DenmarkA152 Dining Chair

A153 Dining Chair


Danish-made Bauhaus-style tubular steel dining chairs

Bauhaus-style tubular steel dining chairsA153 Dining Chair

A154 Dining Chair


Tall back dining chair from Denmark

High-backed chair from DenmarkA154 Dining Chair

A156 Dining Chair


A traditional tall-back dining chair made in Denmark.

High-backed traditional chair from DenmarkA156 Dining Chair

A157 Dining Chair


A classic Danish dining room chair with an upholstered back.

Classic dining room chair from DenmarkA157 Dining Chair

A158 Dining Chair


A lovely double-curved padded backed dining chair from Denmark.

Modern chair from DenmarkA158 Dining Chair

A159 Carver Chair


A modern double curved back carver dining chair.

Modern carver chair from DenmarkA159 Carver Chair

A162 Dining Chair


Classic dining chairs available with a wooden back.

Classic Danish chairsA162 Dining Chair

A164 Dining Chair


Very popular dining chair made in Denmark.

Danish chairsA164 Dining Chair

A166 Dining Chair


A contemporary yet traditional slatted backed dining room chair from Denmark.

Contemporary dining room chair from DenmarkA166 Dining Chair

A168 Dining Chair


A distinctive contemporary dining chair with wedge-shaped frame.

Contemporary chair from DenmarkA168 Dining Chair

A169 Dining Chair


Classic retro-styled dining chair that would also suit a lounge area.

Low upholstered chairs from DenmarkA169 Dining Chair

A190 Dining Chair


A low back contemporary dining chair from Denmark.

Contemporary chair from DenmarkA190 Dining Chair

A191 Dining Chair


A low back dining chair from Denmark featuring a horizontal slatted back.

Low back chair from DenmarkA191 Dining Chair

A194 Dining Chair


A 50's inspired bent-backed retro dining chair from Denmark.

Retro dining chair from DenmarkA194 Dining Chair

A195 Dining Chair


A more contemporary version of the classic high-back dining chair from Denmark.

High-back contemporary chair from DenmarkA195 Dining Chair

A19899 Dining Chair


This Danish chair is available as a dining chair and carver dining chair.

Low back chair from DenmarkA19899 Dining Chair

Aye Dining Chair

Team 7

The winner of many furniture design awards

Luxury leather and wood chairsAye Dining Chair

CD1588 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A traditional dining room chair from Denmark

Traditional Danish dining room chairCD1588 Dining Chair

CD1589 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

Traditional high-back leather dining and carver chairs

Leather-backed traditional chairsCD1589 Dining Chair

CD1591 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

Fine dining chair from Denmark.

Wooden-backed chairs from DenmarkCD1591 Dining Chair

CD1598 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A classic wooden back dining chair from Denmark.

Round-backed solid wood chairs from DenmarkCD1598 Dining Chair

CD8473 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A contemporary classic dining chair from Denmark.

Low-back contemporary chairs from DenmarkCD8473 Dining Chair

CD8477 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A contemporary take on the classic Danish dining chair

Leather chairs from DenmarkCD8477 Dining Chair

CD8477HB Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A classic upholstered high-back dining chair from Denmark

Classic upholstered high-back chairs from DenmarkCD8477HB Dining Chair

CD8479 Dining Chair

Classic Danish

A traditional low-back dining chair featuring an upholstered shell and cushion.

Low-backed traditional chair from DenmarkCD8479 Dining Chair

Chloe Dining Chair


A luxurious traditional upholstered dining chair

Traditional luxury chairsChloe Dining Chair

Cubus Dining Chair

Team 7

Natural luxury hardwood dining chairs certified by the Austrian Ecological Commission.

Luxury hardwood chairsCubus Dining Chair

DM326 Dining Chair

Danish Modern

A thoroughbred Danish dining chair with modern angular lines

Modern angular Danish chairDM326 Dining Chair

DM4105-06 Dining Chair

Danish Modern

Amazingly beautifully crafted luxury dining chair from Denmark.

Luxury modern chairs from DenmarkDM4105-06 Dining Chair

DM411516 dining chair

Danish Modern

Beautifully crafted chairs available as a carver or dining chair - from Denmark.

Moden luxurious chairs made from steel, leather and solid woodDM411516 dining chair

DM412526 Dining Chairs

Danish Modern

A special non-woven back chair from Denmark.

Modern Danish chairsDM412526 Dining Chairs

DM4165 Dining Chair

Danish Modern

An outstandingly comfortable modern Danish chair made in wood and stainless steel.

Outstandingly comfortable modern chair from DenmarkDM4165 Dining Chair

DM4167 Bar Stool

Danish Modern

A superb luxury Danish bar stool with flexible seat and back slats.

Modern bar stool from DenmarkDM4167 Bar Stool

DM4215-26 Dining Chairs

Danish Modern

A beautiful modern Danish dining room chair.

Modern chairs from DenmarkDM4215-26 Dining Chairs

DM666 Dining Chair

Danish Modern

A beautiful modern leather, wood and steel dining chair from Denmark

Danish modern leather, steel and solid wood chairsDM666 Dining Chair

Dolphin Dining Chair


The Dolphin chair has a friendly look to it as there are no harsh lines, fine curves and rounded legs give this chair a soft look.

Dolphin Dining Chair

Eviva Dining Chair

Team 7

Beautiful luxury dining chairs with distinctive matched grain feature.

Beautiful luxury dining chairsEviva Dining Chair

F1 Dining Chair

Team 7

A modern take on the classic cantilevered dining chair.

Modern cantilever chairsF1 Dining Chair

Forum Dining Chairs


A wonderfully stable, light, comfortable, stackable, connectable dining chair

Gorgeous chairs available in many coloursForum Dining Chairs

Fredericia Dining Chair


Gorgeous fine rounded solid wood dining chairs in solid beech, solid oak and solid teak.

Classic Danish dining chairsFredericia Dining Chair

Girado Cantilever Dining Chair

Team 7

Exceptionally beautiful, this is the cantilever version of the Girado chair.

Beautiful cantilever chairsGirado Cantilever Dining Chair

Girado Dining Chair

Team 7

Luxury quality dining chairs with auto-correct rotation.

Luxurious quality swivel dining chairGirado Dining Chair

Kilta Dining Chair


The Kilta dining chair by Finnish Designers Martela, was used by the Olympic Commitee for London 2012.

Kilta Dining Chair

Lilli Dining Chairs


Very fine and luxurious range of dining and carver chairs from Germany.

Luxury metal upholstered chairsLilli Dining Chairs

Lux Bar Stools


Luxury bar stools engineered to have the elasticity of a leaf spring.

Highly engineered luxury bar stoolsLux Bar Stools

Lux Dining Chair

Team 7

Luxury designer dining chairs engineered to offer flexibility in all directions.

Luxury designer dining chairsLux Dining Chair

Magnum Dining Chair

Team 7

Award-winning, exceedingly comfortable luxurious cantilever dining chair.

Comfortable luxury cantilever chairsMagnum Dining Chair

Moller Dining Chairs


Classic Danish dining room chairs.

Fine chairs from DenmarkMoller Dining Chairs

Retro Dining Chair

Danish Modern

Beautiful luxury retro dining chairs in wood, steel and upholstery.

Retro chairs from DenmarkRetro Dining Chair

S1 Dining Chair

Team 7

A modern take on the classic wood or wood and leather dining chair.

Luxury chairs in leather and solid woodS1 Dining Chair

ST10N Dining Chairs


Amazingly light, super sleek and strong, stackable dining chairs based on ski-technology

Lightweight chairsST10N Dining Chairs

ST3 Bar Stool


Sleek, simple lines exemplify the ST3 bar stool

Beautiful modern bar stoolST3 Bar Stool

ST3N Dining Chairs


Amazingly impressive modern wooden dining chairs from Austria

Modern wood chairsST3N Dining Chairs

ST3N Gritsch Dining Chair


Modern woven-back dining chairs from Austria

Elegant chairsST3N Gritsch Dining Chair

ST4N Dining Chair


A modern dining chair that is stackable both as a dining chair and as a carver chair.

Solid wood stackable chairsST4N Dining Chair

ST4N Gritsch Dining Chair


Special 'Gritsch' edition of the ST4N stackable dining chair

Stackable chairsST4N Gritsch Dining Chair

ST4N+ Dining Chair


Modern range of luxury modern chairs designed for healthcare and age-care usage.

Modern high-backed chairs suitable for the elderly, infirm or healthcare institutionsST4N+ Dining Chair

ST6 Round Bar Stools


A round-topped modern bar stool from master Austrian craftsmen

Modern round-backed bar stoolsST6 Round Bar Stools

ST6 Square Bar Stools


Exquisite modern bar stools made by master craftsmen from Austria

Modern square bar stoolST6 Square Bar Stools

ST6N Round Dining Chairs


Round-topped retro dining chairs in many colours.

Round-back retro chairsST6N Round Dining Chairs

ST6N Square Dining Chairs


Square-topped retro dining chairs in multi-colours

Square-backed retro chairsST6N Square Dining Chairs

Stretto Dining Chairs

Team 7

Red Dot design award winning chairs from Austria.

Luxury cantilevered chairsStretto Dining Chairs

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How to buy our dining chairs

See the quality in person!

Wharfside dining furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our dining chairs in-store is a must!

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Contemporary dining chairs

Now 50 years young, Wharfside has become synonymous with high quality bespoke contemporary furniture made in solid wood by craftsmen in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Our contemporary dining chairs range from minimalist classics to upholstered luxury; all built with elegant precision and effortless chic.

Luxury dining chairs

Our dining chairs come in a wide variety of finishes – including luxury hardwoods and veneers and that contemporary furniture staple - polished steel.

We carefully source dining chairs to ensure our standards of excellence are maintained through premier construction, design and engineering.

Made to order

We understand that each interior design decision needs exactly the right pieces to complement a vision.

This is why we ensure all our luxury dining chairs are available in a wide variety of shapes, woods and designs suitable for dining rooms, kitchens, conservatories and dining/living rooms.

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