Spectral Media Cabinets

Spectral Media Cabinets

Spectral is a gorgeous new range of media furniture from Germany, designed to remove clutter from the living room. Incorporates speakers, smartphone chargers, integrates AV equipment with one remote control.

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Pod Breakout Seating

Pod Breakout Seating

Breakout furniture is the new lobby and reception area furniture! These fantastic Pod chairs from Finland make productive one on one breakout meetings so much easier and discreet.

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Koop Breakout Chair

Koop Breakout Chair

Meet the chair that is creating a sensation in breakout furniture. Be productive in communal areas by cocooning yourself in this world famous egg-shaped chair.

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DM 3200 dining table

DM3200 Dining Table

The new DM3200 is a crisp modern dining table with striking angular legs and table top. The thick table top is perfectly offset the thin metal legs.

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DL table

A1236 Coffee / Dining table

A superbly flexible coffee table which converts automatically at the flick of a switch into a dining table. Perfect for compact loft-style living rooms.

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Danish cabinet 2013

DM2860 Cabinet

This cabinet has been designed with a modern-yet-retro style. There is a wider version and narrower version is also available. There are matching products available from Danish Modern.

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Stressless Office Chair

Jazz Office Chair

New from Ekornes, the comfort and luxury of stressless has been brought to the office. It offers excellent lumbar support. Perfect for today's modern work environment.

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Dl white stain table dining table 2013

AI78 Dining Table

This very clever dining table has four legs when closed, but extends in stages to have eight legs - seating up to 14 people.

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retro cabinet 2013

DM2750 Retro Cabinet

If ever a piece of furniture could be described as cute this is it! Gorgeous in its retro-detailing, and refined in it's design. A delight around the home.

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New Flaye dining table 2013

Flaye Table

Flaye uses revolutionary non-stop synchronised extending technology. It can be quickly and easily extended by 100cm in a single movement.

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New Lux beds 2013

Lux Bed

Lux is a truly beautiful creation from a company that has already won a plethora of design awards for its creations. The headboard is available in natural wood or leather.

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New Cubus highboards 2013

Cubus Pure Highboard

Ten different colours of glass, or a colour of your choice, give you total free reign when it comes to how your furniture looks. The riffholz front design adds to the exciting interplay between the different materials.

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New Cubus media cabinets 2013

Cubus Pure TV Cabinet

Cubus pure Home Entertainment expertly showcases the beautiful natural wood fronts and ensures a special home cinema and audio experience in your own living room.

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New Lux bedroom cabinets 2013

Lux Bedroom Cabinet

Lux is based on the 'Golden Ratio' - a classical design solution that spans back 2,400 years and forms the base of much cutting-edge architectural and artistic design.

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New Lux wall mounted units 2013

Lux Wall Mounted Unit

The Lux wall mounted unit is flexible and customisable. Most importantly it's up to date with modern media and designed to work with your home.

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New Cubus sideboards 2013

Cubus Pure Sideboard

Bespoke is the word with the Cubus Pure sideboard. Everything is made for you with this item. The colour, the height, the width, the wood, they are all made to your order.

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New Lux wardrobes 2013

Lux Wardrobe

Clean lines and gorgeous wood make the Lux wardrobe. Part of the Lux range this item fits perfect with other Team7 products to give you a stunning modern bedroom

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