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Hot off the press: Possible New Collaboration with Italian Design Company

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 30th September 2015

Team7 have teamed up with Italian sofa company Moroso for the staging of their new brochure...

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White Kitchen Countertops

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 23rd September 2015

I had black granite in my last kitchen. It contrasted beautifully with the white cabinets and oak floors. But since I'm in line for a Team7 kitchen in our new house...

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Colourful Dining Benches

- Wednesday 16th September 2015

I love my mustard yellow benches. I inherited them. I never would've chosen such a garish colour, I would've gone for something much safer, and that would've been a big mistake...

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The Day the Dining Chairs Saved

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 9th September 2015

It was a rainy day, towards the end...

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How will we be buying furniture in 20 years’ time?

By Julia Silver - Friday 28th August 2015

How will furniture be bought in the future? Will it be all online? Will bespoke furniture be a thing of the past?...

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Where to position the kitchen table?

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 12th August 2015

A breakfast bar is okay to perch, but when you want to gather together with family or friends, it's got to be a dining table. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a table into your kitchen design. Here's a few...

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Whatever happened to the kitchen table?

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 28th July 2015

The contemporary kitchen features a vast breakfast bar and acres of counter-space. In most homes this kind of design is only possible because of our open-plan living areas...

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Digital Shoreditch 2015

- Tuesday 12th May 2015

The geek world now considers Shoreditch - in east London - to be the very centre of their universe. Names like SoundCloud, LastFM, Blinkbox, Gallup, Reuters, YouGov, PlayGen and at least 1400 others...

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