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Musings on Marsala: 3 Top tips and some great finds

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 27th January 2015

I have to confess, I don't find it easy to warm to marsala. Which is ironic, because Pantone says this hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing...

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Marsala is Colour of the Year 2015. So What?!

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 20th January 2015

No really, I mean: So what does this mean to you and me? None of us strip bare our homes every January and re-dedicate it to the colour of the year...

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A Real Danish Love Story

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 13th January 2015

Did you catch the Danish movie 'The Royal Affair on BBC? In a chocolate-fuelled binge on period dramas during the holiday period, I stumbled across this beautiful love story...

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From Alder to Walnut: The Team7 guide to 9 different woods

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 7th January 2015

Can't tell the difference between beech, maple and alder? Well the main difference is the tree it comes from...

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Focus On: Nox Bespoke Dining Table

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 31st December 2014

One of our most popular pieces has proven to be the Nox bespoke dining table. Time and again, people come back into the store months after first seeing the Nox, only to say Right, it's time. We want it...

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Folds Inside

By Julia Silver - 15th December 2014

We've always said that the Shoreditch warehouse would make a great club, restaurant or events venue... As it happens, it also makes a great furniture store...

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Four Tips and Tricks for Tidy Closets

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 25th November 2014

A luxurious bespoke solid wood wardrobe is well and good, but to keep it looking fabulous, you're going to need to keep it tidy. Here are four quirky tips I've come across to make it all just a bit more fun...

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​The pros and cons of sliding doors on bedroom wardrobes

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 18th November 2014

It is hard enough to share a closet with a partner or sibling, but when you can't open your cupboard doors at the same time, things can get... fraught...

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