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Whatever happened to the kitchen table?

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 28th July 2015

The contemporary kitchen features a vast breakfast bar and acres of counter-space. In most homes this kind of design is only possible because of our open-plan living areas...

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5 Groovy Coffee Tables

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 21st July 2015

A coffee table is a low-stakes way to inject some quirkiness into your home furnishings. Less bulky than a carpet, less expensive than a sofa, a coffee table with character will...

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4 Design Tips for a Family-Friendly Kitchen

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 14th July 2015

It's impossible to cook with kids underfoot. One of my favourite solutions is a row of bar stools on the outside of an island/peninsula. This creates a protective barrier for the cook, and a sociable space where the kids can hang out...

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What’s Hot in bespoke furniture this Summer?

By Julia Silver - Thursday 2nd July 2015

It's always cool in Shoreditch - and never more so than during our Summer Sale. And whilst our furniture's bespoke; there tend to be trends. In Leatherhead, Keith's selling a lot of wall units...

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Congratulations! Wharfside’s Newest Additions

By Julia Silver - Thursday 25th June 2015

Two new members of the Wharfside family have arrived this month. The first is the Team7 L1 kitchen, baby sister to the extensive Linee range. The second is our new baby girl....

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Hot Picks from the 2015 Summer Sale

By Julia Silver - Tuesday 16th June 2015

The weather may yet be uncertain, but at Wharfside we've declared it Summer Time. With 20% off many bespoke ranges and 33% or more off Skovby and Stressless selected showroom models......

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Digital Shoreditch 2015

- Tuesday 12th May 2015

The geek world now considers Shoreditch - in east London - to be the very centre of their universe. Names like SoundCloud, LastFM, Blinkbox, Gallup, Reuters, YouGov, PlayGen and at least 1400 others...

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Home Office Tips

By Julia Silver - Wednesday 4th March 2015

Do you prefer natural or artificial light? Do you work best in silence or with background music? Are you most productive when you work alone or in collaboration with others...

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