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There's nothing like reclining in a really comfortable chair at the end of a hard day's work. Recliner chairs are like shoes - looks are important, but you don't know if it's a really good fit until you've tried it for size. That's why many of our recliner chairs come in more than one size.

Wharfside has long since specialised in the very finest furniture from Scandinavia and Northern Europe, that's why we know when we see a good recliner chair.

Whether you are looking for modern-day classics like the supremely comfortable recliners from Stressless or iconic classic recliners like the Eames Lounge Chair for the ultimate in classic modern style and comfort, we have a wonderful range of recliners - chosen just for you.

And if you're looking for matching incliner or recliner sofas or superb conjoined home theatre seating - we've got that too!


Stressless Recliners From Stock

We have a range of Stressless recliners available from stock, call us to arrange an immediate delivery. Items include Chelsea, Mayfair and Kensington as well as Reno, Tampa and Vegas.

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Eames Lounge Chair

Charles & Ray Eames

The Eames lounge chair, ​designed in 1956 - one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century - officially made by Vitra

Eames Lounge ChairEames Lounge Chair

Lift Riser Recliners


Easy to recline, easy to get out of Lift Riser chair

Lift recliner riser chairLift Riser Recliners

Stressless Ambassador Consul Diplomat Recliners


Traditional Scandinavian recliner chairs.

Scandinavian recliner chairStressless Ambassador Consul Diplomat Recliners

Stressless Atlantic Pacific Recliner Chairs


A classic Scandinavian reclining chair in two sizes.

Scandinavian swivel recliner chairStressless Atlantic Pacific Recliner Chairs

Stressless Blues Recliner


A wonderful and luxurious recliner chair.

Scandinavian recliner chairsStressless Blues Recliner

Stressless Chelsea Mayfair Kensington Recliners


Perhaps the most classic of all Stressless recliners

Scandinavian chair reclinersStressless Chelsea Mayfair Kensington Recliners

Stressless Eagle Wing Recliners


Classic and luxurious recliner chairs from Scandinavia.

Scandinavian swivel recliner chairStressless Eagle Wing Recliners

Stressless Jazz Recliner


A beautiful marriage of form and function.

Award-winning Scandinavian recliner chairsStressless Jazz Recliner

Stressless Magic Recliner


Luxurious swivel recliner

Scandinavian recliner chairsStressless Magic Recliner

Stressless Orion Taurus Recliners


A versatile, contemporary design recliner set

Scandinavian chair reclinerStressless Orion Taurus Recliners

Stressless Oxford Recliner


Combines Scandinavian design and comfort.

Scandinavian recliner chairsStressless Oxford Recliner

Stressless Royal Recliners


The Original Stressless recliner chair.

Scandinavian chair reclinerStressless Royal Recliners

Stressless Sunrise Recliner


Softly rounded, surprisingly sophisticated recliner chair from Scandinavia.

Scandinavian recliner chairStressless Sunrise Recliner

Stressless Tampa Reno Vegas Recliners


A very popular collection of Stressless recliners.

Scandinavian recliner chairStressless Tampa Reno Vegas Recliners

Stressless Vision Dream Spirit Recliners


One of the most luxurious recliners available.

Scandinavian recliner chairsStressless Vision Dream Spirit Recliners

Voyager Stressless Recliner


Features sumptuous cushioning and is luxuriously embraces and supports your body as you relax.

Sumptuous swivel recliner chairVoyager Stressless Recliner

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How to buy our recliner chairs

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Wharfside living room furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our recliner chairs in-store is a must!

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