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Wall Units and Media Storage

No two households have the same collections of books, ornaments, keepsakes and media, so it stands to reason that each home needs a unique bespoke wall unit or media system to meet their particular needs. When considering wall unit designs, we’d like you to know that with Wharfside, the only limit is your imagination. From small freestanding storage to bespoke contemporary

high end wall units, we will work closely with you to fulfil your requirements exactly. Browse our selection of wall units and media storage systems using the selector tools on the left to help you narrow down in terms of type, styles and woods, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements. If you would like to know more our custom wall unit service, read our blog post.

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RAL Coloured Amar Bespoke Media Wall Units


Contemporary RAL Coloured fully bespoke media wall units

Contemporary modular RAL Coloured Contemporary modularAmar Bespoke Media Wall Units

Coloured Amar Bespoke Wall Systems


Bespoke European modular Coloured wall systems

Made to measure Coloured Made to measureAmar Bespoke Wall Systems

Coloured Amar Bespoke Wall Units


Made to measure Coloured wall units - totally configurable

Made to measure Coloured Made to measureAmar Bespoke Wall Units

Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Cubus Media Cabinets

Team 7

Luxury European Coloured Glass and Solid Wood modular media wall unit range

Luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood LuxuryCubus Media Cabinets

Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Cubus Wall Units

Team 7

Luxury contemporary Coloured Glass and Solid Wood wall unit range with tremendous variations

Contemporary luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Contemporary luxuryCubus Wall Units

Coloured Jumeira Wall Units


European bespoke Coloured wall units - fully customisable

European modular Coloured European modularJumeira Wall Units

Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Lux Media Cabinet


Modern luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood media cabinets in up to 156 layouts

Modern luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Modern luxuryLux Media Cabinet

Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Lux Wall Units

Team 7

With an amazing 156 layout options, Lux is an amazingly flexible Coloured Glass and Solid Wood wall unit system

Award-winning luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Award-winning luxuryLux Wall Units

White Modular Cabinets


A highly flexible Danish modular range of White cabinets

Modular White ModularModular Cabinets

Coloured Nurai Bespoke Wall Units


Bespoke Coloured wall unit and storage cabinet system

Luxury bespoke modular Coloured Luxury bespoke modularNurai Bespoke Wall Units

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How to buy our wall units and media storage

See the quality in person!

Wharfside storage furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our wall units and media storage in-store is a must!

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Contemporary Wall units

You won't find bookshelves and wall units more wonderful than our carefully selected contemporary award-winning range. Wharfside's furniture is made by some of the world's most innovative designers whose dedication to craft is embodied in truly beautiful furniture that is as unique as the solid hardwoods they have been crafted from.

We believe the key to making individual lifestyle dreams come true is to fully understand customers' wishes and vision, so as to achieve practical, unassuming elegance.

Luxury Bookcases and Storage

Wharfside furniture is renowned for it's high end furniture crafted from natural solid hard woods - a material that is healthy, flexible and durable. The wood is ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests and designed with one eye on engineering innovation and another on amazing aesthetic standards.

This ensures that each and every wall unit and media storage system is the ultimate in luxurious living that will light up any home.

Bespoke - made to order

Choice is at the very heart of everything Wharfside stands for - every home deserves its own bespoke look and every individual has their own unique taste. We understand your vision and are here to help you in your choice: whatever the style, wood or design you want and whatever the room you want to place your perfect storage system.

No bookshelf or wall unit is the same and all are made to order. Every piece is the perfect expression of the individual's personality and taste.

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