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Whether you’re looking for a dining room cabinet that’s traditional or modern, contemporary or retro, with our range you can be sure that the quality will be superb and the design will be super-stylish.

Or let us design a custom cabinet just for you. It will include doors, drawers and display just where you need them. You may want to consider corner cabinets to maximise storage space. A made-to-order cabinet is both a space-efficient and a luxurious choice.

(As with all our furniture, the designs you see here are only a jumping-off point. Be in touch to find out how we can customise your dining room cabinet.)

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A1312 Display Cabinet


Minimalist contemporary display cabinet from Denmark

Simple minimalistic contemporary veneer display cabinetA1312 Display Cabinet

A1354 Display Cabinet


A display 'hutch' that comes with the A1303 sideboard to become a contemporary display cabinet

Contemporary display cabinet hutchA1354 Display Cabinet

A1512 Display Cabinet


A compact display cabinet made for smaller spaces.

Danish compact display cabinetA1512 Display Cabinet

A1762 Display Cabinet


A hutch cabinet with matching sideboard - forming a lovely contemporary Danish display cabinet

Hutch cabinet and matching sideboardA1762 Display Cabinet

A1769 Corner Cabinet


A lovely contemporary corner cabinet from Denmark

Contemporary Danish veneer corner cabinetA1769 Corner Cabinet

A18485 Cabinet and Hutch


Two cabinets make one - a clever cabinet & hutch can come together to form a display cabinet.

Contemporary cabinet and hutch from DenmarkA18485 Cabinet and Hutch

A1914 Display Cabinets


Beautifully balanced tall display cabinets

Beautifully balanced tall display cabinetsA1914 Display Cabinets

A1923 Highboards


Beautifully balanced highboard / display cabinet

Beautifully balanced highboard / display cabinetA1923 Highboards

Amar Bespoke Corner Cabinets


Anything is possible. Amar corner cabinets are fully bespoke.

Contemporary made-to-measure corner cabinetsAmar Bespoke Corner Cabinets

Amar Bespoke Display Cabinets


Anything is possible. Amar display cabinets are fully customisable.

Contemporary made-to-measure display cabinetsAmar Bespoke Display Cabinets

Captains Bar

Classic Danish

Classic Danish Captain's bar by famed Danish furniture designer.

Classic Danish captain's barCaptains Bar

CD1122 Highboard

Classic Danish

A Classic highboard from Denmark.

Classic Danish highboard cabinetCD1122 Highboard

CD1141 Highboard

Classic Danish

Fine classic highboard from Denmark.

Classic solid wood dining highboardCD1141 Highboard

CD1182 Display Cabinet

Classic Danish

Classic Danish display cabinets from our Fredericia range.

Classic rectangular display cabinet from DenmarkCD1182 Display Cabinet

CD1184 Display Cabinet

Classic Danish

A classic Danish display cabinet with three drawers.

Classic Danish rectangular display cabinetsCD1184 Display Cabinet

CD1186 Display Cabinet

Classic Danish

A large display cabinet from Denmark.

Large Danish display cabinetCD1186 Display Cabinet

CD1193 Corner Cabinet

Classic Danish

A traditional corner cabinet from Denmark.

Fine solid wood corner cabinetCD1193 Corner Cabinet

CD1194 Display Cabinet

Classic Danish

A wonderful display cabinet from the Classic Danish range.

Classic arch-top display cabinetCD1194 Display Cabinet

CD2121 Highboard

Classic Danish

A traditional Danish highboard cabinet.

Traditional highboard cabinetCD2121 Highboard

CD7896 Display Cabinet

Classic Danish

A design classic from Denmark.

Master Danish designed classic teak display cabinetCD7896 Display Cabinet

Cubus Display Cabinets

Team 7

Beautifully flexible, with enormous design options

Luxury contemporary display cabinetCubus Display Cabinets

Cubus Highboards


Contemporary luxury highboards made in Austria

Floor-standing or wall-mounted highboard in 9 glass coloursCubus Highboards

Cubus Pure Highboard


Coloured glass fronts emphasise the high quality of the natural wood surfaces in this designer highboard. The fine glass edge and recessed plinth make for a light, floating visual appearance.

Cubus Pure Highboard

DM1280 Display Cabinet

Danish Modern

Luxury modern solid wood display cabinet from Denmark.

Luxury modern solid wood display cabinetDM1280 Display Cabinet

DM2410 Small Retro Cabinet

Danish Retro

Made by expert designers using traditional Danish craftsmanship.

Expertly designed small retro Danish cabinetDM2410 Small Retro Cabinet

DM2420 Tall Retro Cabinets

Danish Retro

Beautiful tall retro cabinets from Denmark.

Danish tall retro cabinetDM2420 Tall Retro Cabinets

DM2430 Wide Retro Cabinet

Danish Retro

Totally beautiful and luxurious, these cabinets have a touch of class.

Beautiful luxury retro cabinet from DenmarkDM2430 Wide Retro Cabinet

DM2750 Retro Cabinet

Danish Retro

Cute retro-styled cabinet from Denmark.

Cute solid wood retro cabinetDM2750 Retro Cabinet

DM2770 Retro Cabinet

Danish Retro

Completely gorgeous retro-designed cabinets from Denmark

Tall retro-style cabinet in solid woodDM2770 Retro Cabinet

Eviva Highboard

Team 7

Award-winning luxury highboards from Austria

Luxury designer highboardEviva Highboard

Jumeira Corner Cabinets


Bespoke corner cabinets built to your specifications.

Bespoke corner cabinetsJumeira Corner Cabinets

Jumeira Customisable Display Cabinets


A fully customisable display cabinet range.

Highly customisable display cabinetJumeira Customisable Display Cabinets

Jumeira Customisable Highboards


A fully customisable range of highboards.

Highly customisable range of European-made highboardsJumeira Customisable Highboards

Linus Customisable Display Cabinets


​The Linus display cabinets stand out feature is it's sharp lines and minimalist look. Made bespoke for your needs.

Linus Customisable Display Cabinets

Lux Display Cabinets

Team 7

Based on the golden ratio, Lux comes with 10 shape options forming 156 gorgeous structures.

Design award display cabinetsLux Display Cabinets

Model 32 Highboard


A luxurious lacquered highboard available in many sizes, colours and finishes.

Luxury lacquer highboardModel 32 Highboard

Model 36 Highboard


A luxurious lacquered highboard in lots of finishes.

Luxuriously lacquered highboardModel 36 Highboard

Model 37 Highboard


A luxury lacquered highboard available in a range of colours and finishes.

Lacquered highboardModel 37 Highboard

Nox Display Cabinets


Beautiful luxury display cabinets with clear or palladium glass - available in two widths.

Award-winning display cabinetNox Display Cabinets

Nurai Bespoke Cabinets


Bespoke dining cabinets made to almost any style, shape and finish.

Bespoke dining cabinetsNurai Bespoke Cabinets

Wall Mounted Dining Cabinets


A remarkably simple yet versatile wall mounted dining cabinet system from Denmark.

Simple versatile wall mounted dining cabinetsWall Mounted Dining Cabinets

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How to buy our dining cabinets

See the quality in person!

Wharfside dining furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our dining cabinets in-store is a must!

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Contemporary cabinets

With over 50 years' experience, Wharfside has always strived to source the finest examples of bespoke contemporary furniture from Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Display cabinets are as much a centrepiece for a room as they are functional storage solutions for dining and living rooms. Our aim is always to define your living spaces with quality and beauty.

Luxury cabinets and displays

Our display furniture, as with all our luxury cabinet ranges, is chosen to build upon Wharfside's interior design ethos - the highest quality solid wood, designed, made to measure and manufactured to the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Our cabinets are made in warm and elegant hardwoods with an inspired eye for clean lines and innovative styling.

Made to your order

All our display cabinets are made to each customer's requirements, available in a wide variety of woods and finishes, to the bespoke requirements of each layout and interior design. We aim to ensure that whatever your vision for your home we will have the perfect cabinet to complement it.

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