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Coffee Tables

Choosing the right coffee table or end table can seems a simple process, but this simple item can be the luxurious design element which unifies your room decor. Look at the room you are decorating and consider its size and shape, and the relationship between the seating and the table or tables you wish to buy. Now think about the style. Do you need a classic contemporary coffee table? Do you like something more traditional, or will a funky retro coffee table meet your needs?

Think about the shape and size of table, and the material you would like... do you have your heart set on a glass coffee table, or is a solid wood coffee table more to your taste? What wood? Do you need the table to have storage space? Use our handy refining tools, and browse our wide selection of high end coffee tables, end tables and side tables to find the right one for you.

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White laminate A1231-3 Coffee Tables


Beautiful Danish matching White laminate contemporary coffee and lamp tables

Contemporary White laminate ContemporaryA1231-3 Coffee Tables

White laminate A1232-4 Coffee Tables


Matching White laminate contemporary coffee and lamp tables

Contemporary White laminate ContemporaryA1232-4 Coffee Tables

Coloured Glass and Solid Wood Cubus Coffee Table

Team 7

Luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood coffee tables

Luxury Coloured Glass and Solid Wood LuxuryCubus Coffee Table

Corian DM1800 Coffee Tables

Danish Modern

Thoroughly modern - yet curiously retro - Corian coffee tables

Solid Corian SolidDM1800 Coffee Tables

Corian DM1830 Rectangular Coffee Tables

Danish Modern

Danish modern rectangular Corian coffee table

Rectangular Corian RectangularDM1830 Rectangular Coffee Tables

Steel-legged DM910-2 Round End Table

Danish Modern

Very very beautiful Danish Steel-legged end tables

Round Steel-legged RoundDM910-2 Round End Table

Steel-legged DM920-2 Corner Table

Danish Modern

Luxury Danish modern Steel-legged corner tables

Modern Steel-legged ModernDM920-2 Corner Table

Steel-legged DM930-2 Rectangular Coffee Table

Danish Modern

Beautiful Danish rectangular Steel-legged coffee tables

Luxury Steel-legged LuxuryDM930-2 Rectangular Coffee Table

Steel-legged DM930-25 Nest of Tables

Danish Modern

Beautiful Danish modern Steel-legged nest of tables

Luxury Steel-legged LuxuryDM930-25 Nest of Tables

Steel-legged DM940-2 Square Coffee Table

Danish Modern

Gorgeous modern Danish square Steel-legged coffee tables

Modern luxury square Steel-legged Modern luxury squareDM940-2 Square Coffee Table

Steel-legged DM950-2 Round Coffee Table

Danish Modern

Very, very beautiful round Danish Steel-legged coffee tables

Round Steel-legged RoundDM950-2 Round Coffee Table

Steel-legged DM960-82 Oval Coffee Tables

Danish Modern

Very beautiful modern oval Steel-legged coffee tables

Oval Steel-legged OvalDM960-82 Oval Coffee Tables

Glass Juwel Coffee Table

Team 7

Luxury round, oval and triangular Glass coffee tables

European-made Glass European-madeJuwel Coffee Table

Glass-topped Lift Coffee Table

Team 7

Luxury designer height-adjustable Glass-topped coffee table

European Glass-topped EuropeanLift Coffee Table

Glass and Solid Wood Loft Coffee Table

Team 7

Luxury Glass and Solid Wood coffee tables

Luxury Glass and Solid Wood LuxuryLoft Coffee Table

Laminate Rectangular Retro Coffee Tables

Danish Retro

Rectangular luxury retro Laminate coffee table

Rectangular Laminate RectangularRectangular Retro Coffee Tables

Laminate-top Retro Coffee Table

Danish Retro

Luxury Laminate-top retro coffee tables

Quirky Laminate-top QuirkyRetro Coffee Table

Laminate Round Retro Coffee Tables

Danish Retro

Lovely round modern Danish Laminate coffee tables

Round Laminate RoundRound Retro Coffee Tables

Glass Stern Coffee Table

Team 7

Luxury round modern Glass coffee tables

Luxury Glass LuxuryStern Coffee Table

Steel-legged Stretto Coffee Tables

Team 7

Contemporary European luxury Steel-legged coffee tables

European Steel-legged EuropeanStretto Coffee Tables

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How to buy our coffee tables

See the quality in person!

Wharfside living room furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our coffee tables in-store is a must!

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Contemporary coffee tables

Our exquisite range of coffee tables highlight all that is modern and unique in today's bespoke contemporary furniture. The coffee table is no longer just a functional piece but acts as the focal point of your living space, bringing together all the furniture in your room.

We have everything from statement tables for the modern home to classic tables for more traditional tastes - all guaranteed to last the test of time.

Luxury occasional tables

All of our coffee tables are premium examples of luxury solid wood furniture, sourced from a selection of our favourite designers and manufacturers from Scandinavia and Northern Europe. We demand the highest level of craftsmanship and design from our products ensuring our luxury furniture is perfect in every regard.

Built from sustainably sourced hardwoods, designed with one eye on engineering innovation and another on classic aesthetic standards, these are truly remarkable pieces of furniture.

Made to order

Everyone has unique style and taste; we carefully consider this when sourcing our luxury furniture. Our bespoke and made to measure coffee tables have been hand picked and come in various finishes, colours, styles and designs.

From solid wood finished pieces with glass and mirrored effects to unusual high end curved retro styles from some of our more eclectic designers, Wharfside believe in innovation and providing captivating pieces to inspire your imagination and your home.

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