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Beech Dining Tables

The dining room is the one place in the home where the family - and often friends too - can gather to spend time together, giving each other (and the food) their full attention. Make your dining room table a beautiful meeting place, one that in terms of look and feel, as well as design and materials, is perfectly suited to you, your family and your entertaining style. If you have always loved the red-brown warmth of beech wood,

then a beech wood dining room table and beech chairs could be the one for you. We offer a comprehensive selection of solid wood dining tables in all finishes, including beech, and in many different designs and shapes, many of them with built in extensions. Contact us, and together we can find or make the perfect beech dining table for you - modern or classic, round, oval or rectangular.

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Beech A1101 Dining Table


Space saving Beech dining table that compacts to a very tiny footprint

Danish compact Beech gateleg tableA1101 Dining Table

Beech A114 Dining Table


This contemporary Beech ellipse dining room table can extend up to 275cm long

Contemporary Danish Beech dining room tableA114 Dining Table

Beech A132 Dining Table


Our famous Beech 'petal' table is a remarkably compact, yet expandable, pedestal dining table

Danish round Beech pedestal table that opens into a petal shapeA132 Dining Table

Beech A17071 Dining Table


A modern Danish Beech oval dining room table

Danish modern Beech oval tableA17071 Dining Table

Beech A174 Dining Table


Contemporary Beech dining table from Denmark

Danish contemporary Beech tableA174 Dining Table

Beech A178 Dining Table


This four-legged Beech table expands into an eight-legged table seating up to 14

Oval Danish Beech tableA178 Dining Table

Beech CD9241 Dining Table

Classic Danish

A beautiful traditional Danish Beech dining table

Traditional Danish Beech tableCD9241 Dining Table

Beech CD9243 Dining Table

Classic Danish

A fine extendable Danish Beech dining table

Fine Danish Beech dining tableCD9243 Dining Table

Beech CD9244 Dining Table

Classic Danish

A fine Danish Beech dining table with a simple, clean pedestal base profile

A fine example of a Danish solid Beech wood tableCD9244 Dining Table

Beech CD9248 Dining Table

Classic Danish

A beautiful traditional Danish Beech dining room table

Traditional Danish Beech dining room tableCD9248 Dining Table

Beech CD9249 Dining Table

Classic Danish

A classic Danish solid Beech dining room table

Danish classic Beech dining room tableCD9249 Dining Table

Beech CD9275 Dining Table

Classic Danish

What appears to be a compact round Beech dining table can extend to seat an incredible number

Danish traditional round Beech tableCD9275 Dining Table

Beech Cubus Plus dining table


Expandable Cubus Beech dining tables with a choice of one or two extension inserts

Expandable luxury Beech designer tableCubus Plus dining table

Beech Cubus T1 dining table


Non-extendable version of the Cubus Beech dining table

Luxury Beech tableCubus T1 dining table

Beech DM2110 series dining table

Danish Modern

Classic Beech Danish Modern rectangular dining table

Modern Danish Beech rectangular tableDM2110 series dining table

Beech DM2150 series dining table

Danish Modern

Classic Danish Modern Beech dining table available in round, oval, square and rectangular shapes

Classic Danish Modern Beech dining tableDM2150 series dining table

Beech DM3100 Dining Table

Danish Modern

Combining clean modern lines with a rustic feel and a Beech table top

Modern country Beech dining tableDM3100 Dining Table

Beech DM6650 series dining table

Danish Modern

Luxury Danish Modern Beech oval dining table

Danish luxury modern Beech tableDM6650 series dining table

Beech DM6690 series round dining table

Danish Modern

Exquisite Danish round Beech table with an optional white Corian top

Round Danish modern Beech dining tableDM6690 series round dining table

Beech Flaye Dining Table


Not only very stylish, but this Beech table is incredibly easy to extend

Superbly easy to extend solid Beech dining tableFlaye Dining Table

Beech Flaye Round Dining Table


Leather and Solid Beech Dining Table

Small round luxury Beech dining tableFlaye Round Dining Table

Beech Girado dining table


This luxurious Beech dining table is the winner of many furniture design awards

Luxurious high-end quality Beech dining tableGirado dining table

Beech Girado Round Dining Table


Austrian-made luxury round Beech dining table

Luxury round Beech dining tableGirado Round Dining Table

Beech Loft Dining Table


Solid Beech dining table made with traditional craftsmanship

Luxury solid Beech tableLoft Dining Table

Beech Magnum Dining Table

Team 7

Handcrafted features guarantee stability and highlight the advantage of natural Beech wood at its very best

Ergonomic high-end Beech dining tables with handcrafted featuresMagnum Dining Table

Beech Nox Dining Table

Team 7

As eco-friendly as it is luxurious - the Nox Beech dining table passes strict Austrian regulations

Natural Beech dining tableNox Dining Table

Beech Nox Wood Dining Table


This solid Beech dining table comes with impeccable eco-credentials

A luxury natural solid Beech wood tableNox Wood Dining Table

Beech Retro Dining Table

Danish Retro

Fine-pointed metal-tip legged retro Beech dining table

Danish Beech retro tableRetro Dining Table

Beech Retro Oval Dining Table

Danish Retro

A beautiful Danish oval Beech retro dining table

Beautiful oval Beech retro tableRetro Oval Dining Table

Beech Retro Round Dining Table

Danish Retro

Beautiful Danish retro Beech round dining table

Round retro Beech tableRetro Round Dining Table

Beech Stretto bench dining table


This Beech bench table is the winner of the coveted red dot design award

Luxury Beech bench tableStretto bench dining table

Beech Wharfside Long Dining Room Table


Available in two sizes, this is the less long version of the long Beech dining table

Long Beech dining room tableWharfside Long Dining Room Table

Beech Wharfside Long Dining Table


An amazingly long Beech dining table that can expand to seat up to 20 people

Very long Beech dining tableWharfside Long Dining Table

Beech YPS Dining Table

Team 7

Not all Beech tables start out from such a curious inspiration point... find out more

Combines modern and traditional craftsmanship in a Beech wood dining tableYPS Dining Table

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How to buy our beech dining tables

See the quality in person!

Wharfside beech dining furniture is not like other furniture on the market. It's luxury, It's bespoke and It's made to order based on your specification. Seeing our beech dining tables in-store is a must!

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