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Karl Auer

Karl Auer

As Team7 design director he is responsible for the design of the classical Opus1 collection as well as for Cubus, Sesam and Valore.

The Vienna-born interior designer views housing as very creative and dynamic spaces. Early in his career he was chief designer of the evergreen Opus 1 range. That gently rounded furniture caused a trend in the 80's - and in less than 25 years has been elevated to the level of a natural wood classic. The Cubus series was also designed by Karl Auer: clear, large area, straight lines without unnecessary jumps, niches or flourishes - the furniture evokes the sensuality of living noble natural wood. Traditional craftsmanship lovingly finishes each Cubus piece lifting it up to the level of beautiful art. A nearly inexhaustible variation of shapes for every need and space - whether as a cupboard, pantry or display cabinet. The body and individual elements are combined in any combination maximising freedom to fit into non-standard spaces. At IMM Cologne 2007, Cubus was extended to include many new living spaces including hallway entrance furniture. With these and many other programs, Karl Auer has for 34 years shown an unerring instinct for creative living.

Company Profile

After receiving his title of Master of Joiner, Erwin Berghammer set the cornerstone of his future career by purchasing a small wood working company in Ried, Austria, at the age of 26 in 1959. The Team7 brand was formed in 1965, by a number of management team members. More recently Dr. Georg Emprechtinger, now CEO, became the majority owner in 2006.

Back in 1980 the company was repositioned and Team7 focused on 'eco' furniture. Team7's philosophy is balancing contemporary design and ecology. Using only woods from sustainably managed forests, glued and finished using natural solutions: Team7's unique purity policy helps to protect the environment. With seven different types of wood and flexible made-to-measure and custom designs, Team7 combines social responsibility with transparent, ecologically and economically sustainable production.

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