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Bent Jørgensen

Bent Jørgensen

Dyrlund furniture is produced according to age-old traditions combined with the latest production technology. Dyrlund say "We do this because we believe in customising to feeling of the material, the individual attention to detail, and the precision and fineness of cut that can only be perfected by the experienced master craftsmen. Therefore All our furniture is hand-finished in the production by our Danish craftsmen. We at dyrlund are proud to say that this is what we've always done!"

Dyrlund furniture is made with the belief that genuine wood reflects the beauty and fascination of a natural landscape. The manufacture of furniture utilizing such wood is an investment in the future by making furniture that lasts a lifetime. Our policies and practices also ensure a responsible treatment of the environment and are manufactured exclusively of solid wood or veneer with natural finishes. The superior craftsmanship incorporated into each of our pieces is also worth seeing up close. Discover in word and image our love and detail; evidenced particularly by the detailing of the tambour doors. A piece of nature made by Dyrlund.

Dyrlund place great emphasis on skilled craftsmanship and experienced employees, who work in the old craftsmanship style. “Many of our products are made with precious woods and require expert hand finishing, so we have to be sure we have the right man for the job. Skilled cabinetmakers are the most valuable asset in our company.” explains Mr. Jørgensen.

Some of the most unique pieces in the Dyrlund collection are undoubtedly the all solid arch cabinets 1190M / 1194M and 1191M, which show the beautiful result of superior craftsmanship.

Company Profile

Founded in 1960, Dyrlund pride themselves in delivering only the finest quality furniture for high end homes & executive offices. The gold quality seal logo is an expression of our attitude towards furniture production – only the best will do.

Dyrlund's clientele can be found worldwide and includes many Heads of State, many titled people, and several celebrities. When asked about some of our more famous customers, company director Bent Møller Jørgensen handed me a photo of Mikhail Gorbachev, standing behind his Dyrlund desk. “I could tell you an amusing little story here, but I won’t. We do have to maintain a certain discretion” he said with a friendly wink. Dyrlund's production concentrates on two main areas; home furniture and executive office furniture. Common to all our models is practicality, solid construction, detailing to perfection, and classic design. Because of the special care taken with the finish, all pieces grow more beautiful with time, becoming, as Dyrlund boasts, "the antiques of tomorrow."

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Bent Jørgensen

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