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Each TEAM 7 kitchen is custom-built and made to order. We can easily handle special layouts, e.g. with front heights adapted to fit a variety of built-in appliances. This means no panels are needed and storage space optimally use. All TEAM 7 handles can be adjusted in width and height.

Team 7 Exclusive
To Wharfside

Team 7 is only available in the UK through Wharfside, so you won't find these great high-end hardwood kitchens anywhere else!

Our Kitchens


The Loft kitchen is the modern high-end country cottage kitchen for those who love wood, enjoy cooking and appreciate authentic craftsmanship and natural materials.


An amazingly awesome and luxurious high-end kitchen, with lots of great features. A truly wow kitchen.


A contemporary stylish kitchen utilising solid hardwood and glass to evoke a beautiful modern high-end luxury feel.

Black Line

A very special edition of Linee from Team7.

Team 7 Exclusive
To Wharfside

Team 7 is only available in the UK through Wharfside, so you won't find these great high-end hardwood kitchens anywhere else!


Designed to transition smoothly from the living/dining area to the kitchen.


The innovative high-end height-adjustable kitchen island that can be used as a bar, table or worktop, along with its clever flush handle detail.

Linee White

A white-themed high-end kitchen based on the Team7 Linee range.


All the features of Team 7's kitchens in a compact range of options.

Clever Storage Solutions

The Details

With Team 7 kitchens the devil is in the detail, where these products really come to life is the innovative storage and finishes you can add to make your kitchen special.

Corner Cupboard Carousel

Practical Le Mans shelves in the corner cupboard carousel optimise the use of ‘lost’ space in the corners and provide extra storage space.

Drawer Rail

The 4D alignment of the drawer rail means that smaller drawers are easy to open and large drawers operate perfectly.

Soft Close

All drawers and doors are equipped with a cushioned ‘soft-close’ open/close function with an electric (Servo Drive) option available on drawers.

Alcove Elements

The new alcove elements, made of wood and stainless steel, are versatile and can be free-standing or suspended, allowing for optimised use of alcove space.


The original look of every TEAM 7 kitchen is rounded off by the choice of appropriate handle style. From a pendulum handle to a strip handle, handle bar or entirely handleless, practicality and good looks combine to make a statement that gives each kitchen the personal touch.

Flexible Plate Drawers

The plate drawer has adjustable racks, allowing for adaptation to meet your exact requirements.

Electrical Points

If desired, the k7 cooking island can also be fitted with covered switches and power outlets.

Pharmacy-Style Drawers

Pull-out storage shelf with a new rail design in bright chrome. The self-contained bottom with non-slip coating ensures that stored items are more stable.

LED Lighting

Continuous LED lighting profiles or flush mounted LED spots are exceptionally energy efficient and provide perfect illumination of the work top.


A plethora of beautiful sink options are available, including concealed sinks that can be used as worktops when not in use.

Adjustable Kitchen Island

The amazing k7 kitchen island height adjusts to be a bar, a worktop or a table. Shown here with a flush-mounted operating control that is exceptionally easy to operate.

The Beauty of Wood

Premium Team7 hardwoods are used in these lovely back-panel mini-shelves.

Concealed Drawer Units

Drawers can be hidden behind doors, maintaining consistency in an ultra-stylish kitchen design.

Innovative Waste Sorting System

Innovative waste sorting systems with practical lids helps to keep everything clean and tidy. Integrated carbon fibre filters neutralise odours.

Tandem Fitting

Utilising an intelligent pull-out technology, the rear shelves are automatically drawn towards the user, creating an impressive overview of easily accessible supplies.

Interior Partitioning

Clever accessories systematically create order. Versatile inserts make use of every corner and store all the groceries hygienically and securely. The glass and stainless steel containers are goodlooking as well as practical.

Touch Fitting

The new touch fitting for hinged doors eliminates the need for handles. It still features the cushioned closing function.

Programmable Height Adjustment

A digital console allows you to set the height-adjustable k7 to your ideal heights.

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