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Bar stools transform kitchens into a fabulously sociable space. Whether you have a purpose-built breakfast bar or you are perching around a kitchen island, bar stools are an invitation to gather and get together.

Your choice of bar stool can have a major style-impact on your kitchen. Use them to co-ordinate or contrast with your cabinets to give an extra dimension to your design. You could go minimalist with the amazing swaying Lux bar stools in leather and chrome. Or you go 'retro coffee bar' with the ST6 in wood laminate. The Ark bar stool is our favourite at the moment, it's as comfortable as it is cool - and very very luxurious - with the kind of high-end quality you expect from Wharfside. Which is everything you could want from a bar stool, really.

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Stylish, modern European solid wood and upholstered bar stools

Woods: Beech, Oak, Walnut

Elegant modern solid wood and upholstered barstools


Bar Stools

Luxury bar stools engineered to have the elasticity of a leaf spring.

Woods: Non-wood

Highly engineered luxury bar stools


Bar Stools

Height adjustable Bar Stool and Dining Chair

Contemporary Danish bar stools


Bar Stools

A superb luxury Danish bar stool with flexible seat and back slats.

Woods: Ash, Oak, Walnut

Modern bar stool from Denmark


Bar Stools

Height-adjustable bar stool designed by Modern Designer

The 907 bar stool from Italy

The 907 Stool

Bar Stools

German-designed bar stool

High Italian bar stool with matching dining and living room chairs

The 901 Stool

Bar Stools

Modern Designer designed bar stool

Italian modern designer bar stool

The 902 Stool

Bar Stools

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