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50 Years of proper furniture

My grandfather was an apprentice cabinet maker in Hackney in London's East End in the very early 1900s. He taught my father what he knew and then my father was himself apprenticed as an upholsterer in Shoreditch in the 1930s. He started his own upholstery company after he was demobbed from the army in 1946 in Curtain Road in Shoreditch and then started Wharfside Furniture importing Danish Furniture just around the corner in 1962. He then moved the showroom into our present building in Buttesland Street in 1965.

I am proud to continue in so fine a tradition.

Our furniture is still made to the highest standards; the factories we work with in Scandinavian, Holland, Germany and Austria still exercise the same, time honoured, craft skills they used way back then. The result is furniture you can be just as proud to own, made just for you. My staff here in London still have skills such as polishing, cabinet making and upholstery that they learnt from their own fathers and are delighted to use them, now, for you.

I have many many customers who come into our furniture stores now and tell me about the furniture they bought from my father back in the 1960s which is still in daily use and looks as good as when they took delivery 50 years ago. If you decide to join this special 'club' and buy furniture from us now, I hope you'll be able to say the same to my grandchildren in 50 years from now!

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan stewart
50 years of proper furniture

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