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Choosing the perfect mattress or mattress system is as personal and vital as choosing your clothes. The right mattress will give you restful sleep, as well as good lumbar support and comfort.

After extensive research, we have chosen wonderfully luxurious base-inset mattress systems and frame inset mattress systems to work with our solid wood beds and offer you the ideal, bespoke high-end bed solution. Each system can be configured to suit you and your partner’s sleeping requirements, and provide optimum individual support. Come in and talk to us to find the luxury mattress system that works for you.

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The luxury Liforma mattress rated clinically the best mattress system.

Top of the range luxury mattress system

Hüsler Nest Luxury


Base-inset mattress system - clinically rated the best mattress system

Top of the range mattress system

Hüsler Nest Deluxe


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