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Focus On: Team7 Cubus Wall Units

Focus On: Team7 Cubus Wall Units

Friday 21st February 2014

​Keith, the wall units guru in our Leatherhead (M25) store, says that Cubus is our most flexible system. He claims that with the hundreds of modular options Team7 offer - in terms of shelves and cupboards, doors, drawers and details all of which come in a range of dimensions and materials (pure wood or coloured glass) - he can create a custom made wall unit that is perfectly suited to your home.

I thought I’d challenge him, and the Cubus wall unit system. No, I didn’t convince them to give my living room it’s very own Cubus (no such luck). Instead, I’ve been through some of the Cubus examples. The variety is unusual for one single system - see for yourself.

This wall unit ties in with the media system and display cabinet to create a cohesive look. The combination of walnut and white glass is ultra-modern and luxurious. The wall units can be built particularly high, thanks to excellent joinery.

The wooden panels which form the back part of this wall unit is bang on trend. I love the way it warms up a large room. I can see it as a useful tool in ‘zoning’ open plan living spaces. (Note, as with all Team7 furniture, those beautiful long, horizontal panels of wood are totally natural and untreated.)

The rustic charm of the oak, matched with the understated units and shelf offer ample storage and display without swamping this room. The glass returns on the display cabinet is a new addition to the system. (The Team7 guys are very pleased with them.)

This wall unit offers a massive amount of hidden storage within a really bookish bookcase (just how I like ‘em). This is a unit I could live with: practical and unfussy but totally luxurious.

OK, now this is just showing off: the glass shelving units which protrude from the wall unit frame are on runners. They can be closed together, or slid open to reveal, say, a flat screen television. (I know, you’d rather it was the secret entrance to the bat cave.)

I really think this wall unit sums up Cubus. its flexible, it’s clever and it’s totally gorgeous.

Team7 have called Cubus the ‘chameleon’ amongst wall units. What would you say are it’s defining features?

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