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Walnut Wardrobes

A wardrobe can be so much more than a place to store your clothes. It is a piece of furniture that will take up considerable space in your bedroom, and can form a beautiful design statement in and of itself. read more

The right contemporary hardwood wardrobe can be the perfect union of form and function. The soft whisper of quiet self-closing drawers, muted indirect lighting, and storage to meet your needs perfectly - this can be the reality of a solid walnut wardrobe.

It is so much more than a storage solution; it is a thing of beauty. You may be looking for a vertical or horizontal grain finish or doors that are sliding, hinged or folding. You may have a great many shirts you wish to hang, or a magnificent shoe collection. Your wardrobe should fit you, not the other way round. A beautiful walnut wardrobe, developed to your specifications may just be tailor-made perfection.

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All these wardrobes can be made-to-order in walnut

Beautiful and simply executed Nox solid walnut wardrobes are also available in wild oak or wild walnut

Available in walnut

Beautiful luxury solid walnut wardrobe optionally available in wild oak and wild walnut


Available In walnut

European contemporary solid walnut wood luxury wardrobes

Available in walnut

Contemporary luxury solid walnut wardrobes with option coloured glass


Available In walnut

Luxurious customisable made-to-order solid walnut wood and glass wardrobes from Europe

Available in walnut

Luxury bespoke solid walnut and optional coloured glass wardrobes


Available In walnut

European luxury modern solid walnut wardrobes

Available in walnut

Luxurious modern solid walnut wardrobes


Available In walnut

Austrian traditional solid walnut wood crafted wardrobes

Available in walnut

Luxury traditional solid walnut wardrobes


Available In walnut

Luxury solid walnut wood wardrobe interiors

Available in walnut

Luxury solid walnut wood wardrobe interiors


Available In walnut

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