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Walnut Office Cabinets

Walnut is such a truly glamorous wood, it is hard to find something of equal allure. read more

Ever since my father started bringing Danish teak furniture into the UK in the 1960s, Wharfside has been introduce new and exotic - European-made - furniture to these shores.

And because bespoke is our ‘thing’, you will not only find the most superbly designed and crafted walnut office cabinet through us, but also have it made for you - specially for you. Our staff are on hand to explain the options available on any piece that catches your eye. Do come and visit us, we, and our walnut furniture, would love to meet you!

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All these office cabinets can be made-to-order in walnut

A luxuriously-made and modern walnut office storage solution

Available in walnut

Luxury European walnut office storage cabinets


Available In walnut

Beautiful Danish tall retro walnut office cabinets

Available in walnut

Tall retro walnut office cabinets


Available In walnut

Totally beautiful and luxurious walnut office cabinets from Denmark

Available in walnut

Wide walnut Danish retro cabinet


Available In walnut

A small Danish retro walnut wood office cabinet

Available in walnut

Small Danish walnut retro cabinet


Available In walnut

Cute Danish retro-styled walnut office cabinet

Available in walnut

Danish retro walnut office cabinet


Available In walnut

Completely gorgeous Danish retro-designed walnut office cabinets

Available in walnut

Danish retro-designed walnut office cabinets


Available In walnut

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