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Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

It's oft been said that an Englishman's home is his castle. But let me in on a secret - not as much as a continental home is... Sad to say, many Brits tend to prefer to spend on our car or on food instead... But that's what set apart a Wharfside customer. read more

Wharfside customers are a special breed - perhaps with a more discerning outlook - definitely with an eye on what makes a tastefully and functional home.

We scour Europe for bedroom furniture made in a variety of luxurious hardwoods including Walnut, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Beech and Alder. Or call us or visit us!

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Our Collections

A range of beds available in solid alder wood

Solid Wood Solid Wood Beds

Solid Wood Beds

solid wood

A range of wardrobes available in solid beech wood

Solid Wood Solid Wood Wardrobes

Solid Wood Wardrobes

solid wood

A range of bedroom cabinets available in solid cherry wood

Solid Wood Solid Wood Bedroom Cabinets

Solid Wood Bedroom Cabinets

solid wood

Looking for a specific wood?

Perhaps you've already got a specific hardwood in mind for your bedroom furniture.

Alder Beech Cherry Oak Walnut

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