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Maple Media Cabinets

Your home is your castle, and sometime, there’s nothing lovelier than a "staycation" right in your own living room. read more

If you have a great home theatre set-up and the films, music and books that make you happy, you may never want to go out again! Your treasured possessions deserve the best home, so why not consider a custom made maple home entertainment unit to store them all?

A bespoke modular solid wood media unit can be configured to suit your very specific needs, both now and in the future. The right luxury solid wood home entertainment cabinet will house your collections and equipment while forming a beautiful focus to the room in itself. Put your carefully chosen flat-screen in a solid hardwood television cabinet, or consider a wall-mounted maple entertainment unit.

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All these media cabinets can be made-to-order in maple

Amazing maple TV cabinet that allows you to rotate your screen

Available in maple

Low maple media cabinet with rotating flat-screen TV mounting

Cubus Rotate

Available In maple

With elegant coloured glass, Cubus Pure showcases beautiful natural maple wood fronts in a special home cinema and audio cabinet

Available in maple

Elegant coloured glass and solid maple TV cabinet

Cubus Pure

Available In maple

Brings that gorgeous TEAM 7 design into a fully-fledged maple living room media cabinet solution

Available in maple

Glass and maple media cabinet for audiophiles and audio-visual-philes alike

Cubus Pure

Available In maple

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