Why we are bringing the '60s back

Same Danish craftsmen, different generation

Wednesday 24th May 2017


hen it comes to furniture, you can’t get much better than handcrafted, environmentally friendly furniture. But, we believe, sometimes you need to look to the past for the best inspiration, which is why we have decided to work in collaboration with the new generation of Danish craftsmen, to create a new line of exclusive furniture, taking inspiration from the iconic furniture we sold in the 1960’s, with a modern touch.

Why now?

Because, like never before, the environment and the world we live in, needs to be cared for. With furniture coming from everywhere, that is “throw away”, which can be used for only a few years, and then changed up for a new, more trendy, and current piece. Not to mention, when you buy one of these cheaper pieces of furniture, you are already in the mindset that it can be “thrown away”, rather than given to your future generations.

We believe this culture needs to be changed, and this can be done through beautiful, long-lasting, and trend-defying furniture. We are working alongside our fantastic team of designers and wood-crafters, to use environmentally friendly woods so the furniture we design today, will not be harming our future.

The #10 table

Why the '60s?

We are creating furniture that not only is inspired by an often sought after period of design, but one that will always look modern, cutting edge, and beautiful, no matter what is in the fashion magazines.

The beauty of 1960’s design, is that it was so forward thinking, with curves and lines that are still, today, looked at with awe by many interior designers. We knew that with a few modern touches in technology and wood, that we could enable the designs of the 60’s to now work for the more modern homes and offices.

The #55 dining chair, originally designed in 1951. Still made by the same Danish manufacturer.

How to see the collection

With the new designs coming in over the next few months, our team at our Leatherhead and Shoreditch showrooms are so excited to show-off the new-look, retro inspired pieces to customers who visit us, and we must say, we may just have to get one or two ourselves!

Visit us in our showrooms to have a sneak peek at the collections we have created, or contact us to see the images of the new pieces as and when they arrive with us.

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