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What to look for when buying furniture

Friday 7th April


hen it comes to selecting the perfect furniture for your home, you need to consider a few aspects. In this last post we shared how to find the right fabric for your requirements, which we hope whet your appetite and helped you by answering a few key areas to look out for, depending on your personal preferences. This blog is going to look at one of our favourite materials, perfect for creating furniture, wood.

There are so many beautiful woods to choose from, we even wrote a blog here which shares the differences between the different hardwoods we offer for our ranges, it can feel a little overwhelming.

But how can you select the right wood, and what should you ask a furniture store or designer when choosing wooden furniture?

Ask about sustainability and where the wood comes from
Team7's award winning Tak Is made from sustainably sourced wood, shown here in walnut

We believe that it is essential to ensure the wood that is used for furniture we source is both economically grown and environmentally used. By this we mean that our furniture designers have sustainable woods and well cared for trees, which are cared for and not cut down meaninglessly without being replaced by new growth.

For example, all of the wood that is used by one of our designers, Team 7, are passionate about being kind to the environment. Their wood is grown in sustainable woodlands and are replaced each time a tree is used to hand craft a piece of furniture. They also only use natural herb oils to be kinder to both the eco-system and the environment.
Team7's award winning Tak Is made from sustainably sourced wood, shown here in walnut

Consider the colour of the wood

One way to help you choose the right wood is down to the colour preference, a simple and quick way to choose a perfect fit.

If you have a colour scheme already in place, visit your furniture showroom with a picture of the room you are purchasing the piece for, and either look at it against the different wood types to see which works best for you, or ask one of the helpful staff for their thoughts.

From the deep rich colour of walnut to the lighter oak, and everything in between, you will be able to find the perfect woods to suit your personal preferences and your scheme.

Go with your gut

Ultimately, your wooden furniture should last you a lifetime (or more!) and if it doesn't suit your current colour scheme but you love it, then go for it! It will outlive your paint choices, but you will always feel that emotion towards it if you truly love that type of wood.

Consider maintenance and care

Some woods require a little more care than others, and some do show up little marks a more. So ask yourself if your furniture will be in an area of high traffic or with children and will they possibly scratch the wood? If so, would it be better to use a more sturdy wood option?

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