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What to look for when buying furniture

Wednesday 22nd March


e have been proud to be providers of high-end furniture for over 50 years, with this offering, comes a passion for technology and, sometimes even more importantly, to fabrics that are chosen to cover the designs behind the pieces we sell to our customers.

How can you tell you have bought a piece of furniture that has high-end fabric, and why would you chose a more expensive fabric? Let us share with you why we choose only the highest quality, and perhaps we can convert you.

Material images from Kvadrat -

Long-lasting pieces of furniture

The old adage “You get what you pay for” is never so true as when it comes to pieces of furniture. You will be able to buy cheap furniture from most stores, but how long will these last for you? A year, perhaps 5? We believe in having furniture that is environmentally friendly, thus not so quick to be thrown away. We have had customers who have passed their furniture to their children, and have come to us with furniture bought from our store when we opened 50 years ago – now that’s what we call long lasting!

When you invest in a piece of furniture that uses top quality fabrics (and you look after them accordingly) they will repay you for that care year after year. They will keep their beautiful colours, have less likelihood of cracking or falling apart, and, if cared for well enough, will continue to look brand new, or beautifully loved, for the entirety of their life. 

Comfort above all else
Amy Frascella, chief designer for colour and materials made sure the Velar would be the first Range Rover to offer a top-of-the-line fabric upholstery option as well as leather.

With high end fabric in the top of our minds, we know that investing in these fabrics will give you the comfort you deserve when sitting back and relaxing, or when sitting straight at your desk for hours each day. When you invest in beautiful furniture, you know you are in safe hands (or seats!). Fabrics such as Kvadrat, which is as easy to clean and as hard-wearing as leather, are taking centre stage, such as in the interior of the Range Rover Velar II and throughout many of our pieces of Team 7 furniture.
Amy Frascella, chief designer for colour and materials made sure the Velar would be the first Range Rover to offer a top-of-the-line fabric upholstery option as well as leather.

When high-end designers see the benefits of fabrics such as this, you can be safe in knowing that stringent tests have been carried out, meaning your furniture will not only be beautiful, long-lasting and comfortable, it is also safe.

Hues to match your personality
Team7's Magnum chair covered in StrickTex

Gone are the days when only black and white are available for your furniture choices, you can now colour match, and show off your personal style through your furniture. Leather that can now be dyed from mustard yellow to chilli red; wood that can be stained to a mocha rich colour (without harming the environment), and so much more – the world of colour is now your oyster.

Whatever the reason for investing in a beautiful piece of furniture, considering your needs for the fabric is essential. Ask these key questions to help you decide on the right fabric to cover your chosen piece of furniture:
Team7's Magnum chair covered in StrickTex

If you have any questions about fabrics available for our ranges of furniture, please do visit us in our showrooms, or call us, we are always happy to share with you our passion for the best fabrics around! 

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