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Wednesday 22nd February 2017


hether you are an aspiring bachelor, have a need for a man-cave, or simply love gadgets, you will notice the new generation of furniture working around your passion. Be it integrated alarm clocks which instantly brew a cup of coffee for you, so you can wake up on-form and ready to take on the day, or pillows which play your music to you, without hindering your partner who lays next to you.

The world of gadgets has taken a huge turn in recent years, and we are proud to share that we, as lovers of contemporary design, have often been ahead of the game when it comes to new ways to show off our personal desire for furniture that works for us.

Introducing Game

With this, we are proud to announce our newest, and most exciting additions (which we are currently showcasing in our Shoreditch showroom) the Game Sofa.
Move side side to side, or recline - at the touch of a button

Space to be together, or not

You may have heard of recliner sofas and had to deal with the discomfort of lounging on a sofa which simply sections off different people to lay back. The Game Sofa works to ensure you can snuggle up to your loved one, or move to have a little more space to lie back and enjoy the movie. It not only reclines back with the touch of a stunning stainless steel button, it also moves from side to side.
Move side side to side, or recline - at the touch of a button
Game has Bluetooth technology which accesses built-in speakers


The addition of built-in speakers, which work on Bluetooth technology, go a long way to ensuring your entertainment room works around your preferences, showcasing your favourite playlists with the touch of a button.
Game has Bluetooth technology which accesses built-in speakers
Built-in under seat lighting

Built-in lighting

And we aren’t done yet, they also come with built-in under seat lighting, adding to the ambience beautifully. They come with 2 or 3 seater options, and have a variety of wood bases and leather upholstery. You can even get a chaise lounge addition too.
Built-in under seat lighting

If you are someone who shares a passion for new technology, and comfort, then do visit us in-store at our Shoreditch showroom to try out these beautiful sofas. Not in the UK? We are known for our excellent customer service and personal touch when it comes to ensuring pieces sent overseas are built in-house by experts. Just call our team to create the sofa that is right for your needs, and experience the benefits of 50 years’ of experience in the furniture game.

Excuse us while we head back downstairs to lounge for a while. 

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