Spring-clean your home office

to put the spring back in your step

Wednesday 28th February


inter always seems to suck the energy and enjoyment out of work, even when you’re lucky enough to work from home, it can be a real challenge to feel enthusiastic and to keep the spring in your step. That’s why it’s so exciting when spring starts to give us the gift of brighter mornings and we’re leaving the office space before it gets dark. 

There is no better time to give your office space a fresh feel, to make the most of the light and to boost your enjoyment of the space, making you more productive and more content.

There are some simple things to consider before you start a proper spring-clean of your working space, and we’d suggest these are the crucial ones:


Timing: Don’t pick a time of day when you’re likely to need access to your computer, phone or filing. You’ll be moving everything, so pick a time when you’re able to give yourself enough time to finish the job.


Assistance:  If you’re planning to move your desk, storage cupboards, office chair and possibly other heavy items, ask someone to book time to give you a hand.  Attempting to move things yourself may result in injury, or simply stop you from completing the task.


Space:  It’s easy to fill a small office space with too much furniture, so before you order anything new for your room, draw out a plan, take measurements of the space and all of your existing pieces that are staying and then you can assess how much space is really available. 


Light:  Natural daylight is always the best option, but you need to think about where it is in the room throughout the working day.  Place screens in a spot where they won’t be reflecting the sun and provide additional lighting with a floor or desk lamp. 


Colour:  Colours have a huge impact on our mood and productivity.  There are many schools of thought about what to include or avoid to boost our efficiency in an office space, but remember to chose something you really love, as you’re going to be spending most of your time in there.  A feature wall is always a great idea for an office space to allow a splash of bold, that you can turn your chair to face when you want a positivity boost.

Danish Modern DM1340 desk

Furniture:  When did you last feel really comfortable at your desk?  If you’re putting up with a sore back or crick in your neck, it’s possible your office chair isn’t the right height, or that the hand-me-down desk you’re using wasn’t designed for today’s style of working.  Spring is a great time to think about replacing a key piece in your set-up.


Air:  This seems pretty obvious; we all need air in our offices.  The main consideration here is to get moving air around to prevent headaches and staleness.  When you have a window in your office, spring encourages you to open it up and let in some fresh air.  Do it every day, even if it’s cold out there, it will make you feel refreshed and more able to concentrate.


Cleaning products:  Before you bombard your space with chemicals and scrub everything to within a millimetre of its life, bear in mind that you’ll be working in this space so you want to minimise chemicals in the air.  You also want to check the recommendations on furniture and equipment about cleaning them.  Overall, a good dust and hoover will make a big impact and a thorough cleaning of your keyboard (you’ll be horrified if you turn it over and give it a good shake) and screen too.

TEAM 7 Atelier desk, TEAM 7 Girado chair and TEAM 7 Cubus cabinets

If you are planning to rethink your office furniture, we’d recommend starting with the right desk and chair.  It’s a good idea to select these two items together, and to take your pc screen or laptop with you when you go to look.  This is a major investment in your business so don’t be embarrassed to spend the time it deserves to “try out” what you like.

Spending a few hours in bringing the spring back into your office space is a great investment of your time and don’t forget to add something green when you’re done; a plant or some flowers in a vase bring the garden indoors and will remind you that spring really is, just around the corner.

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