Pantone Colour of the Year


Wednesday 10th January 2018


his week, Pantone has announced its choice for 2018, with the stunning Ultra Violet, Pantone 18-3838.  In their announcement, Pantone described the colour as:

“A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future. Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.”

They’ve tuned in to how we’re all feeling after a challenging year, and with this uplifting choice, often used by rebels and creative designers, they are expressing a global desire for change, experimentation and pushing the boundaries.  Ultra Violet seems to shout positivity and expression of hope.

Using this colour in your home is going to require bold thinking; Ultra Violet begs to be more than a simple “accent colour” in a scheme, and we’re looking forward to seeing how you embrace it.

Whether you choose to add a splash with a wall hanging, a feature wall, a rug or a stunning chair, we’re convinced Ultra Violet is going to be gracing spaces globally this year. Imagine a work space to encourage innovative thinking, or a children’s art space with a banner of colour round the room. 

One for non-conformists, we’d be surprised if Ultra Violet ever becomes mainstream, and perhaps that’s why we’re already more than a little in love with it. 

Bohemia Sofa

Our Top Tips on using a strong colour for your home:


Be bolder than the colour: If you’re going to go for a strong colour, be really brave in the way you use it.  Gone are the days of a splash or hint of colour, Ultra Violet screams “be independent and break the rules” so use it without fear and really make a statement.


Don’t be afraid to clash:  Clashing patterns and colours in a room can make a statement about your individuality, your lack-of conformity and, if you’re brave enough, you’ll love putting oranges, reds and lime greens with this superbly strong colour.


Use natural wood:  We love wooden furniture, and one of the reasons it works for so many homes is the way it compliments colours beautifully. With the right choice of wood, you can emphasise the choice of Ultra Violet – look at the darker woods and ones with interesting patterns, to set off the blue tones.


Less is not more when you’re making a statement with this colour, so if you’re in to minimalism, this colour might not be for you.


Once you’ve selected your pantone colour – whether you go for Ultra Violet or something else from their pallet – carry a swatch with you everywhere; you never know when you’ll find that perfect addition to your room, and you will want to check it matches – or clashes – perfectly.

Cubus Hallway Panel

We’d love to hear how you choose to incorporate Ultra Violet into your colour schemes.  Do share some pictures with us. 

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