Move aside Hygge,

there is a new Scandi style in town

Wednesday 1st March


f you're a follower of interior trends, or a lover of all things Scandinavian, you will have seen and heard about the Hygge trend which took our homes and interiors magazines by force in 2016. As we entered into a new year, a new trend has begun to take hold, known as “Lagom” pronounced ‘lar-gom’, so thankfully a lot easier to get right than Hygge!

So what is Lagom, and why are interior designers so obsessed with it right now? Consider minimalism, which showcases the benefits of living with only the essentials that you require, then add a touch of personality and you'll find yourself in Lagom territory. Translated to mean “just the right amount” Lagom is a way of living which feels perfect for those of us who love the minimalist trend but want to add just a touch more to the space. It's a “way of living”  which states that being perhaps frugal, doing what you love in life and work is the perfect way to be.

How can you implement Lagom into your home or workspace, and ultimately your day to day life?

Consider your living room, what pieces are there that you love? Are there ways you can be more sustainable in your day to day life?

When it comes to our area of expertise we're delighted to hear that Lagom is a trend taking the world by force, as sustainability is something we have been passionate about for 50 years. Ensuring that our wood comes from sustainable forests, that our furniture lasts generations, rather than a throwaway piece that will harm the environment when it breaks in 2 years time.

To add this lifestyle to your home, invest in pieces that make you happy, that have a sustainable story behind them, and consider the goldilocks mentality “not too much, not to little. Just right.” When designing your space.

We love the idea of one statement sofa that invites conversation, a large family dining table that lasts through dinners galore, and a kitchen which showcases your favourite table settings without hiding other non-essentials that get cooped up and never used.

Welcome to 2017, is Lagom taking your Scandi-love to new heights, or will you be sticking with the comforts of Hygge? 

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