How to pick the right sofa

There's more to selecting a new sofa than you may think!

Thursday 5th January 2017


he sofa – a blissful place to come to at the end of a hard day at work. A space where gossip is shared, deep conversations are had, and movies are watched with delight and popcorn. So this hub of a home is quite an important part of everyday living, so why is it often a piece of furniture that is bought from high-street stores, which are known for not lasting a lifetime?

Wherever you choose to purchase your sofa, you can have a few ways to make the most of it throughout its life with your family and friends, and in this blog, I wanted to share a few hints and tips to making sure you select the right sofa for your requirements, and then how to keep it feeling inviting and fresh, year after year.

Selecting the correct sofa for the job

So, you’ve decided you want to get a new sofa for your home, but where do you start?! First, you need to take a look at your space, and consider what size would be appropriate for your requirements. Are you planning on having the whole family use this sofa, do you want a pair, or do you perhaps want the sofa to be a main feature, with one or two lounge-chairs to allow for more comfort and new guests?

Once you have decided on the sofa’s uses, you then need to consider size and style. If you have a style preference, such as modern, retro, Hygge, or even traditional, you can then take a closer look at furniture stores which provide furniture with your preferred decorating style. This is where the fun starts! Go adventuring; take a peek, and even a seat, at local showrooms to really get to grips with the type of sofas you love and the ones you don’t like so much. Take your family with you, as they will want to be a part of this selection process too, I am sure!

There are several ways a sofa can be made, including ones which have separate sections for each person, reclining options and even moveable backs! The world is your oyster, so don’t settle.

If you are selecting for a family-home which has a cinema system at the heart of your space, then a home theatre sofa may be a great selection for you to take. These come with built-in footrests, integrated storage and much, much more. Perfect for watching your favourite movies of a Sunday. 

Getting the colour and fabric right

As a sofa will probably last you a lifetime, when you have selected a great quality piece, you will want the sofa to stand the test of new décor and new homes, if you wish. So consider the colouring of the sofa, as well as the fabric choices.

 For example, if you have animals which, let’s face it, will get onto the furniture occasionally, you may want to steer clear of white! However, leather is an excellent choice as it is easy to wipe-clean.

Most showrooms, such as ours, will have a great selection of fabric choices for their furniture, so do ask to look at their range of colour options.

No matter which style you choose, make sure your sofa is one that you want to enjoy each time you see it, encouraging those cherished family moments for years to come. If you would like to take a look at our sofas, then do visit us at one of our showrooms, in Surrey or Shoreditch. 

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