How to

mix retro and contemporary in your home

Wednesday 7th June 2017


ometimes it can feel like you're torn between two beautiful options. Do you take retro or do you take modern as your inspiration for your interiors?

Luckily, in this blog, we will share how to mix both together seamlessly so you can embrace the new and old in your home (or office!).
Grey is the new white

1. Consider the colour palette to start with.

This is a point in which you can decide whether you want to have sparks of retro or contemporary, and then which of the two you'd prefer as the main theme for your home.

Thinking retro? Consider wallpaper on a feature wall, with rich, fun colours such as olive green, mustard or orange.

Thinking contemporary? Then keep it calm and neutral. Grey is the new white, so if you have family and want to not feel too sterile, go with grey! You can add so many colours alongside grey too, so accessories and other features will be easy to pick and work with this colour base.
Grey is the new white
Stand out with a truly beautiful retro cabinet

2. Invest in key pieces that will really stand out.

Both periods have had excellent and stunning pieces you can choose to really build your room.

Thinking retro? A sideboard in the dining room really is a key retro piece that is also coming back into fashion (so your contemporary side will be well cared for here too). If you're in the living room, a big retro-inspired sofa or lounge chair, like the Eames chair is an excellent choice for a retro classic.

Thinking contemporary? Keep to the clean lines and colours here, with technology built in to help make your life even easier. Cinema seating, and media cabinets can be an excellent choice for the minimal contemporary look.

The famous Danish Captains bar

3. Shapes are key

There are some key features to both periods that really stand out. Curves are essential for retro, while sharp lines are more modern and contemporary.
Curves are often indicative of retro design

Feeling retro?

Oblongs and circles will be seen in most patterns and furniture. Consider a round coffee table, or an oblong media unit that has sliding doors to really hide those electronic devices!
Curves are often indicative of retro design
Sharp lines are prevalent in modern contemporary furniture pieces

Feeling contemporary?

Sharp lines are beautiful! A long rectangular extendable table or a shelving unit with squares to show off your treasures and collectables.
Sharp lines are prevalent in modern contemporary furniture pieces

Once you've got your bases covered, you can then add the little touches that can blend the two periods together. Considering which key items will really mean the most to you.

Adding a vintage throw over a contemporary sofa, having textured and luxurious cushions to a retro chair are just a few examples. Adding retro inspired dining chairs to your modern dining table to really mix it up is also a great idea.

The great thing about mixing these periods? You don't have to get run down pieces that work within your home that are inspired by the gorgeous designs and craftsmanship of the past 40 years, you can get newly redesigned and inspired pieces from stores just like Wharfside! 

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