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Make the most of your Hallway

Wednesday 3rd May


he hallway is the first part of your home that guests will see, and although often forgotten about in terms of design, we believe it should be the most important part to work on. It is the place that will potentially wow a guest, as well as be the place your family can forget about their work day and come into the family world.

But how can you make sure you make the most of your entryway?

The hallway is a place that you will take off your coat, slip off your shoes and potentially be the dumping ground for bags and other accessories. To prevent it being a messy space, go for the right amount of storage that not only does its job, but also looks great too.

Since we invested in a shoe cupboard in our hallway, we no longer have the rows of untidy shoes and boots, they quickly and beautifully slide away from side, waiting until they are used tomorrow.

Then it comes to the case of the coat - you think you will always put the winter coat away, but for those of us in the UK we know that being prepared for the British summer is a necessity. Having a coat rack in the hallway will be an essential piece of the puzzle. Whether you choose a rack or a cupboard, you will want to ensure that this also takes up as little space in your entryway as possible. I personally love being able to  quickly push away the hook on my coat rack, not only practical but beautiful too.

Consider the colour scheme and how it will impact those entering your home. A bright and light hallway can be an uplifting and inviting way to introduce guests to your home, whereas deep colours can feel opulent and cosy. Although we are often told that white and light colours are best for making a space feel bigger, often the darker more opulent colours can do the same too so don't be held back by the traditional white!

My final tip?

Take good measurements of the hallway before investing in your hallway furniture, and consider how it would all come together with the least amount of impact on the space available. If you call in to our Leatherhead or Shoreditch showrooms we can help you design a hallway which will work to its full potential, maximising the space available without feeling overfilled.

Happy designing! 

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