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get your home ready for the classic British Summer

Wednesday 8th July 2017


e all know that, living in Britain means that summertime will have its ups and downs. From 30 degree scorchers to wet and windy, we will have it all. So making sure your home is ready for the barbecue you planned which may just become an indoor cooked meal at the dining table, is one of the most important party-planning pieces to remember.

Have the dining room ready
Extending Team 7‘s Mylon table

Here are our tips to making sure your home is ready for the British summertime.

We've all been there, planning an outdoor event is always a tricky task, especially in the UK. So make sure your dining room is ready for guests to run into when the rain comes down!

1. Set up the dining table and chairs, to save you time if the heavens open. Glasses, cutlery and plates are always great to have out and prepared so you don't have to rush around 10 minutes before guests are due and the rain sets in.

2. Have an extendable table for those guests who didn't RSVP. We love one that easily opens so you can invite more people to enjoy the meal together without having to move chairs and cutlery around.

3. Have some back up drinks ready in the fridge, you could even go for a small fridge or wine cupboard in your dining room, should guests be a regular occurrence in your home at this time of year.
Extending Team 7‘s Mylon table

If it's been a while since you last used the formal dining room, then a quick clean up of the skirting boards and a dusting of all the surfaces won't go amiss too!
Game Seating - it turns, it reclines, it moves sideways, it even has speakers!

1. Now to the living room, which may be the area that, post bbq, guests need to enter if the temperature drops.

2. Have some backup surfaces so everyone can easily put their drinks and nibbles down. We love nesting tables like our retro inspired ones below.

3. Upgrade your seating. If your living room is a space you haven't had guests in for a while, is it time to get more seating so people don't have to run to the dining room for less communal seating? Consider a lounge chair which has a footrest which can be used as a seat, or a comfortable sofa which invites people to sit together.

Store some fun games in your coffee table to keep the evening in full swing. Monopoly or scrabble are classics, but why not go to a local store and find some new ones that your friends and family may not have tried!
Game Seating - it turns, it reclines, it moves sideways, it even has speakers!

As a final tip, you may want to ensure you have enough storage for your guest's shoes, coats and bags to be stored easily and out of the way. A shoe cupboard is a great option, as well as some hidden coat hooks which can hide away when you aren't hosting a gathering.

What are your top tips to preparing your home for a British summertime gathering? 

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