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Friday 1st December 2017


hen it comes to rest and sleep, the bed is king – but what happens if you can’t find the right bed for your needs? In this blog, we wanted to share some tips to help you find the perfect bed, to help you get that well-earned rest after a long day, and a comforting space for you to have a lazy Sunday in.
Hüsler Nest mattresses have undergone tests on the effects that sleeping has on the spine.

First, start with the mattress. This is the most important part of getting a good night’s rest – do you prefer a firm or soft mattress? Test out a few for a good amount of time, laying on them in the position you usually sleep, so you can truly get to grips with the type of mattress you prefer. A great mattress will last you 6-10 years, so investing in one now, will give you many a good night’s sleep.

Studies have also shown that having metal within a mattress or bed can hinder your sleep, that’s why we only sell synthetic and metal-free mattresses, to ensure when you invest in your mattress, you know you will have a natural sleep.
Hüsler Nest mattresses have undergone tests on the effects that sleeping has on the spine.

Now onto the fun part – the bed!

As with mattresses, consider a metal-free bed, to help aid your sleep throughout the night. You can then delve deep into different styles and woods available to you. Consider the style of your master bedroom, to help match the bed to your personal style – a deep warm wood, such as walnut, can be a stunning addition to a cosy room, whereas a lighter wood such as oak or alder work perfectly in an airy room, or one inspired by Scandinavian interiors.

The beauty of investing in a bed from Wharfside is that you have your bed made bespoke when you order – this means only handcrafted, wonderfully considered beds are sent to our customers. No large manufacturing plants, with hundreds of beds made each week, your bed will be made just for you.

Beds can come in many forms, contemporary floating or traditional styles, so it’s down to your personal preference for the bed that calls you.  

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