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How to encourage more conversation in your home

Monday 16th January 2017


hen you start to decorate your home, you may consider the importance of relaxation, but have you thought about how important it is to encourage conversations within a space? In a time when so many of us connect through the use of technology, remembering the importance of a good old chin wag, is essential, and you can create spaces in your home that create more conversations.

But how can you do such a thing in a space? Here are our ideas for getting more conversational in your home.

Start with some talking spaces

Throughout a home, in earlier years, there were libraries and even multiple living areas which were built for conversations after dinner. Nowadays, with smaller homes, and longer days in fact, we may not feel we have the luxury to create these spaces. However, you can create little nooks for your end of the day catch-ups, throughout your home, in perhaps areas you hadn’t thought about.

Is there a bay window, which isn’t being fully utilised, that could house two armchairs and an end table? Perhaps your hallway has space for an ottoman (great for storage and comfort!)? Think of the little areas in your home which could house seating, and embrace them!
Lovely Danish modern bar stool from Wharfside

Have a breakfast bar

The kitchen, for many of us, is the heart of the home, but can feel a lonely space if there is no dining area within it. Having a breakfast bar is an excellent way to bring more people into the space while cooking gets started, so you can chat, and smell the glorious food which is being made. Consider comfortable bar stools, which will encourage longer conversations, and a multi-use area for the breakfast bar and perhaps even homework for when the children arrive back from school.
Lovely Danish modern bar stool from Wharfside

Section off areas in your larger rooms

When it comes to the living room, for example, don’t place all of your seating around the television. You can create different spaces within one room by angling sofas, seats and perhaps even using a rug to showcase different areas in the room.

Use a media cabinet

There are some amazing shows out there, don’t get me wrong, but when you turn off the television, you get to really catch up with your family and friends. Removing the enticing object from view is a great way to prevent the automatic “turn the TV on” mode. You can use media cabinets to hide away electronic devices, and even use some which turn the television around in a beautifully easy motion – now that’s a great way to get a conversation started!

If you are looking to create a home which encourages more conversations, I do hope these ideas have helped inspire you. How do you help encourage more conversations in your home? 


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