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the right colours for a Scandinavian inspired room

Wednesday 13th September 2017


candinavian designs are coming back into play (did they ever go out of fashion?) and many of us are looking into how to create a Scandi-feeling within our homes, without having to bring the white paint out and go crazy on the walls, floors and all wooden pieces.

Don’t fear, you don’t have to go white, if you don’t want to, there are some fantastic ways to add warmth and colour to a Scandinavian scheme, to help keep you sane if you have kids, dogs, or just love a touch of colour.

Think  black accents

Monochrome is a fantastic classic, and works beautifully for Scandinavian design. If you can’t take yourself to the black paint, think of black frames for your artwork, to help make a white wall have more depth. 

Pops of yellow

Grey is a neutral for Scandinavian design, and one of the best colours to match with this colour is a bright yellow (just like our Stressless YOU James recliner chair), and it really will help to bring a sunny and bright feeling into your space.

Grey is your friend

We just mentioned the importance of grey as a neutral colour in Scandi designs, so if white just is too stark for you, opt for grey as your base colour - it goes with everything, and it is a great colour for homes which are more family-oriented rather than show-home feel!
The DM3300 table from the Wharfside Danish Modern range

Use warm woods

Warm wood is a wonderful way to bring depth and (surprise!) warmth to your Scandi scheme. Scandinavian homes and designs are full of wood and natural fabrics and materials, so opt for a warmer wood such as cherry.

The Lui chair from the Wharfside Team 7 collection

Blue is a go to

Blue is a colour that many Scandi homes have, particularly for the bedroom. The blue we are thinking of is cool, nearly there, and of a neutral style - helping to aid calm and serenity for the space you sleep in.

If you are looking to have a Scandi-inspired home, we hope these ideas for colours that aren’t just the go-to white will help you to see the diversity of this fantastic style. If you’d like to add these colours through your furniture, why not view our Scandinavian range, with a great amount of colours to choose from, you will have a space which will let your personality shine through, while still following the main ethos and style of a Scandi space. 

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