How to bring Scandinavian design to your home

without painting everything white!

Wednesday 30th August 2017


ith the trends of Lagom and Hygge, as well as minimal design, hitting the trends for interiors for a few years now, many people and interior designers alike, are beginning to see the beauty behind the Scandi design movement. However, for those of us with family members, kids, dogs, and a love of colour, how can we have this beautifully minimal style brought into our homes, without just painting it all white and having grey as our accent colour?

Fear not, Scandi interiors are not just about having white everywhere, you can follow a few simple steps to have the same minimal feel, as well as having stunning colours brought into your home. Here are some ideas to whet your appetite, and potentially, bring you to the side of Scandinavian design.

Scandi-influenced Riletto bed from Team 7.

Commit to technology free, in one room

The whole ethos of Lagom, Hygge, and Scandinavian interiors as a whole, is to have a stress free lifestyle. As 21st century beings, our lives are usually filled with technology. Our phones, tablets, laptops and other tech, will follow us everywhere, including the bedroom. One of the things we love about Scandi design, is that they are all about stress-free living. So, as a way to help combat this, and embrace comfort, why not make your bedroom a place in which you will not use technology?

Upgrade it even further, and bring in furniture which doesn’t hinder your sleep, such as a metal-free bed, and warm-toned lights that can be dimmed to help you read, and then fall asleep easily.

Extraordinary wall panelling from Team 7 available in Alder, Oak or Walnut.

Add some texture

When it comes to luxurious and inviting spaces, texture can really upgrade any room. This is what we have seen as a highly important part of any drool-worthy Scandinavian interior space - they add textures. Consider using rugs, pillows, and throws, to add another layer to your space. If you would rather use these to help add a boost of colour, rather than the go to grey palette, you can rock a yellow or a deep green to your space (very on-trend). These are usually very easy ways to instil a Scandi-feeling to your space, without having to get a paint brush out, or spend too much money before you know how you feel about the Scandinavian ethos in your home.

Incredibly long Scandinavian table - seats up to 20 people!

Begin to share more

The Finnish are known for their sharing ethos, and this is a wonderful one to have in the home. Too often we are coming home at different times, eating in separate spaces or on our laps. A great way to add this sharing element, is to have a family dining table, where you can all eat and share the day’s events together as a family.

The great thing about most Scandinavian furniture pieces is that they know the importance of helpful (and beautiful) additions, such as tables which extend to suit any size gathering, and can stay small-enough to not take over a room during normal family dinners.

Another great dining table from Team 7 - the Loft table, with an optional cutlery drawer at one end.

Consider functionality

When it comes to Scandi furniture, in particular, it has to be functional, as well as beautiful. This is why we, at Wharfside, are so in love with the whole ethos of Scandi design - the importance of making sure each piece of furniture will not only look great for generations to come, but will work hard for the customers who buy it.

A chair which moves elegantly back into place once you leave the table, a dining table which extends without the need to push and pull everything out of the way, or a desk which can be altered in height with just a small movement - perfect for children to grow up with, or for when you wish to stand at your desk.

Scandi design can be brought into your home with only a few changes, while making a great impact on your home and life, without the need to go all out and paint every wall white or grey. If you would like to bring some of this style into your home, or are inspired by some of the pieces we have shown in this article, do visit us in our Leatherhead or Shoreditch showroom, or call one of our team today.

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