How the Scandinavians

design their bedrooms

13th December 2017


s you may know, we love how the Scandinavians create their furniture, and with the trends from this stunning country sweeping the interiors world, we thought we would share some insights into how to make your bedroom look and feel like a Scandinavian haven.

You may have heard of the term “Lagom” or “Hygge” which were Scandinavian interior buzzwords throughout this and last year. They mean to have a way of life within your home, which is uncluttered and to only have what you truly require within the space. Now, don’t fear, if you have kids or pets, or just a few pieces you love to showcase, this doesn’t mean you have to get rid of them all, it means you keep the items you love, and clear out the clutter.

This is why Scandinavian design works so well for the bedroom – it creates a space which is calm, and technology free, enabling you to get a full rest, without distractions. Consider removing any technology from the bedroom as a good starting point. Do you really need your iPad and phone in the bedroom to distract you?

Another way to help you create a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom, is to have great storage for your items, and to remember to put things away when you get into bed at the end of the day. Remove that armchair that is only used to throw dirty clothes on, and invest in a stunning wardrobe which will entice you to want to hang up your clothes.

Often, Scandinavian bedrooms are light and bright, which can feel a little strange to some of us, who are used to creating cosy spaces in a bedroom. However, there is method behind the whites, greys and blues – it creates an airy, inviting and awakening space in your bedroom, perfect for darker mornings when it is hard to get up. It also feels more fresh and inviting.

Now, if you still want cosy, go for a grey paint, and add the all-important textures and layers to make the room feel incredibly luxurious. Consider throw pillows, and a luxurious throw over your bed, particularly inviting for our colder winter nights!

When choosing the furniture, often the right wood is one which is lighter in colour, such as alder, beech or oak, as these work beautifully with the lighter colour schemes. You can then add some deeper colours with the bed linens and curtains, such as navy blue, or deep greys.

Whether you go the full distance and paint all your walls white, whilst adding some colour through the linens, or you keep the cosy edge with deeper blues or greys, a Scandinavian-inspired bedroom is a great way to change up your space, for a better sleep, and a brighter morning.

If you are looking for new bedroom furniture to go alongside your theme, please do come in to see us at one of our showrooms, or take a look for some inspiration for your bedroom.

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