Comfort versus Style

- when you can have both

Tuesday 24th January 2017


hen it comes to fashion, design, and furniture, there is often the misconception that style comes over comfort. In some areas, this can be true, but with the selection of furniture we are proud to showcase, you can truly have both.

But what does comfort versus style amount to, and when can you really have both?
Stressless YOU Michelle sofa - exclusively available from Wharfside

The world of sofas are where I would like to start, as this is where I often find myself having to choose, as the most contemporary pieces seem to be the least comfortable of all. With style taking the first and foremost feature, you then seem to have to sit in an uncomfortable position, to make up for the beautiful piece you have invested in. But what if I told you, you can have it both ways?

Let’s take our exclusive to Wharfside StresslessYOU range, Michelle piece, as an example here. The beautiful design will often take you at first glance, with the contemporary stainless steel feet, and three or two seater options, making it an easy choice to decide the piece you require for your living room. Then you will notice that this sofa has a hidden trick up it’s contemporary-designed sleeve – the recliner motion. Unlike other recliner sofas which always look like they are built just for comfort, this sofa connects the dots between style and comfort, and you will be delighted to hear it comes in a huge array of different leather colours, from black and snow, to chilli red and clementine. Perfect.
Stressless YOU Michelle sofa - exclusively available from Wharfside

And then I come to dining chairs, the chairs that often have high backs, uncomfortable bases and often make you want to leave the table as soon as the meal is finished. Thankfully, we have truly tested out our pieces before showcasing them to our clientele, with pieces like the Magnum and Aye being just two of my personal favourites. Your design-personality isn’t hindered by comfort again, with the selection at hand and a huge selection of colours and design options, including with or without arms. You can go all out with the stunning Kilta dining chair, which auto-swivels back to its position as you get up and out of it (that is if you ever want to leave its comforting embrace).

Finally, the most beautiful and comforting area of the home – the bedroom. With a bed you truly have to make or break it, as when you have an uncomfortable bed, nothing else seems to matter. Thankfully, we have worked hard to find mattresses and frames which encourage and unhindered night’s sleep, with the added bonus of being stunning to look at too. This is where design and thought truly comes into focus, and where scientific studies have been used to create frames which encourage an even better night’s sleep. You can find out all about how to find the perfect bed for your needs in our recent article, but to help you along, just know that all of our frames are metal-free, and our mattresses are clinically tested, which means you get a great sleep each night.

As you can see, you don’t have to have one or the other when it comes to comfort and style, you can truly have both! Why not come along to our showroom in Leatherhead or Shoreditch, to really test out these claims, we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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