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Strictly speaking, modern furniture is a design period that belongs to the mid-20th century. But in practice it is much more than that - including furniture that is inspired by that period. It is ideal for those looking to create an expansive airy feeling in their homes. At Wharfside, we carefully source European-made furniture that offers the kind of design flair and craftsmanship that our grandparents enjoyed. And that is why we're on the very few remaining places where you can choose from a range of options including wood, size, configurations and more. Each piece is especially made for you.

Or if you wish we can design a custom cabinet especially for you. It will include doors, drawers and display just where you need them. You may even want to consider corner cabinets to maximise storage space.

A made-to-order cabinet is both a space-efficient and a luxurious choice. (As with all our furniture, the designs you see here are only a jumping-off point. Be in touch to find out how we can customise your dining room cabinet.)

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A bit of Venice for your dining room!

Woods: Oak

Beautiful highboard made with Venetian Oak

Cubus Venetian Oak


Beautiful luxury display cabinets with clear or palladium glass - available in two widths.

Woods: Alder, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut

Award-winning display cabinet



Coloured glass fronts emphasise the high quality of the natural wood surfaces in this designer highboard. The fine glass edge and recessed plinth make for a light, floating visual appearance.

Woods: Alder, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut

Solid hardwood dining cabinets available in 10 different colours of glass

Cubus Pure


Finely crafted modern cabinets from Austria

Woods: Alder, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Walnut



Beautifully flexible, with enormous design options

Woods: Alder, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Non-wood, Oak, Walnut

Luxury contemporary display cabinet



Cute retro-styled cabinet from Denmark.

Woods: Ash, Corian, Oak, Walnut

Cute solid wood retro cabinet



An excellent modern interpretation of the classic China Cabinet

Woods: Ash, Elm, Oak, Walnut

Ebbe Gehl-designed china cabinet with glass panels on the front and sides



Completely gorgeous retro-designed cabinets from Denmark

Woods: Ash, Corian, Oak, Walnut

Tall retro-style cabinet in solid wood



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