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Corian Media Cabinets

We may no longer have record players tucked into a cupboard, but TVs, media players, music equipment and speakers still need somewhere to live. read more

Our wonderfully crafted Corian-topped media cabinets are a highly durable - stain resistant, heat resistant and scratch resistant, easily cleanable pieces that combine beauty with ultra-high-end practicality.

They feature special compartments and discreet doors that hide A/V equipment out of view without loss of functionality. Let us help you to find or create the perfect home theatre environment for you. Seeing is believing - we could extol the virtues of Corian no end - but if you’ve never come across it before, why not visit one of our showrooms?

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Available to be made-to-order in corian

Very gorgeous Danish retro-styled corian media cabinet

Available in corian

Tambour door corian retro media cabinet


Available In corian

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