Stressless You

The Newest Stressless Range Only At Wharfside

Thursday 26th May 2016


harfside is proud to bring you an exclusive new product: the Stressless YOU. 

YOU is contemporary, streamlined and yet uncompromisingly comfortable. It’s a whole new look, and we think it’s going to become a modern classic.

Wharfside and Ekornes - a Winning Combination

Established in 1934, Ekornes, is currently the largest furniture manufacturer in Norway. The company is known for its green credentials, and for its commitment to sustainably-produced furniture.

We’ve been working with the Norwegian factory since the 1990’s when we first brought Stressless recliners to the UK. We’ve always believed in teaming up with the top factories in Northern Europe to bring you the best furniture for your home.

Today, Wharfside exclusively presents YOU to the UK.

The Stressless YOU recliners and sofas are a no-compromise combination of function and style, because we believe you shouldn’t have to choose.

YOU is full of character and visual interest. It’s a feature piece for any room. 

We’ve replaced the pedestal base with four streamlined legs, available in futuiristic aluminium or retro-cool wood.

The arms and legs of the recliner chairs loop together in a way that brings to mind a doodle, or a possibly a signature. 

The profile of the YOU recliners hints to mid-century Scandinavian design, and its ergonomic design is clearly defined.


he upturned U-shape of the sofa may be where the name ‘YOU’ originated. It’s certainly original. This contemporary sofa seems almost to be perched on the crest of a wave. 

The juxtaposition of chunky arms and delicate legs makes for an edgy, contemporary design.

But don’t be fooled, the YOU sofa is made for comfort.

Comfort Technology

Design patents protect our Balance-AdaptTM  and PlusTM systems. The recliner chair adjusts effortlessly to your movements. Go from lying flat to sitting up simply by shifting your wieght in the most natural of ways.

The YOU sofa allows each person seated to adjust their seat individually. Both the seat and the back adjust, with a gentle rocking motion, at the slightest shift in body weight. 

And if you want to lie across your sofa the old-fashioned way? The seat will tilt so that it’s completely flat for you to stretch out at your ease.

Which YOU are you?
Stressless YOU comes in 3 recliners and 2 sofas

Within the You family there are 3 recliners and 2 sofas. (These can, as ever, be further customised.)

The Michael Recliner features a cross-hatch cushioning in the upholstery. It’s a smart, cool detail especially in black leather and aluminium. (We will have some special offers on the Michael recliner for a limited period.)

The James Recliner has an adjustable head-rest which, in conjuction with the lumbar support and the PlusTM system means that you can hit optimal comfort every time.
Stressless YOU comes in 3 recliners and 2 sofas

YOU is something special We’ve never seen a recliner and sofa range quite like this. We believe it’s exceptional. A modern classic. And it’s exclusive to Wharfside.

The John Recliner features the adjustable head rest and also some horizontal stitching in the upholstery. It has a very Scandi feel, particularly in the Calido wool.

The Michelle Sofa is the counterpart to the Michael Recliner. It features the same striking cross-hatch upholstery detailing. It also features the incredibly responsive Balance-AdaptTM technology and comes in a 2-seater and a 3-seater. Each seat moves separately and together.

Unique YOU

Choose between aluminium or wood legs. If you choose wood, you can have natural solid beech or have it stained brown or black.

Choose between leather or fabric. If it’s leather there are two grades of leather Batick and Cori in over 20 colours. We’ve been working with these leathers for a long time and will happily advise. If it’s fabric you prefer there are four distinct fabrics, each with their own textures and range of colours. Whether you want a chair that’ll stand out, or blend in, your YOU will be unique.

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