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We believe that all furniture should be designed to high end specifications and using the finest luxury materials, but it’s quite possible the pieces of furniture in your home which should best express a union of form and function are your sofa or recliner chairs. The perfect sofa couch, recliner or incliner should be the epitome of comfort and utility. It should fit into the space required, be hard-wearing and durable and fulfil the needs of every member of your household. All this and beauty too? At Wharfside, we offer a wide range of contemporary sofas, swivel recliners, sectional sofas and so much more.

Together, we can create the perfect seating for your living room. Select the types of furniture you need, choose the appropriate sizes and material, and you’re on your way to putting your feet up in ultimate comfort.

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The Stressless YOU range is exclusively available from Wharfside

Stressless Julia recliner sofas




Perhaps the ultimate multimedia sofa recliners system - with electronic adjustment, lights, speakers and vibration!

Perhaps the ultimate gaming or multimedia sofa system there is



A modern sofa available in three lengths

The EJ220 comes in three lengths

EJ 220


Comes as an incliner and as a recliner sofa



Compact design recliners with excellent lumbar support

Compact sofa recliners with footrests



Magnificently crafted and beautifully finished.

Woods: Alder, Ash, Beech, Cherry, Oak, Teak, Walnut

Classic Danish wood framed sofas



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