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Modern Furniture

Modern Furniture

3rd March 2012

​Modern furniture is a very specific furniture design movement that began in the late 19th century and carries on through the present day. Influenced by modernism, it was a tremendous departure from all furniture that had been designed before it.

A creative flowering of modernism occurred in the 1920s through to the 1960s when much of what is now considered the modern furniture style evolved. Danish furniture came into its own during that period as the interplay between furniture and architecture became more and more pronounced. Many famous Danish furniture designers of the period trained as architects before specialising in furniture design.

Today, modern furniture continues to evolve with the same underlying ethos - seeking new materials, new technologies with which to produce new forms, employing design simplicity with a lightness of form in preference to heavy ornamentation.

The cross-over between modern and contemporary furniture is vast - contemporary furniture is really anything that is currently in vogue whilst modern furniture has a particular design ethic. Due to its timeless yet modern styling, modern furniture remains a firmly established genre of contemporary furniture.

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