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How to care for Danish Cord chairs

How to care for Danish Cord chairs

Friday 10th May 2013

Danish cord is a process where specially manufactured paper fibre cord is woven to create a comfortable and extremely durable seat. The effect is understated and elegant. We received this letter recently:

Dear Jonathan

I’m sure you hear this all the time - I bought my solid teak dining table and Moller chairs from your father in the 1960’s. My wife and I still love them, and now my kids tell me they’re very retro. The furniture has withstood the growing family admirably, but now I fear a couple of the chairs could use some tender loving care. Would you be able to direct me to someone who can help?

Best wishes, A Molton, Herts

Dear Mr Molton,

When you invest in quality furniture, the upkeep should be minimal. But when you do get around to having your chairs restrung, make sure you go to a true craftsman - they’ll look like new and be ready for the next generation.

I found a family-run workshop in Dorset which seems like the real deal. They will re-string the entire seat, for upwards of £70 per chair. Not bad if you get another 50 years out of them.

The website is http://www.formerglory.co.uk/danish-cord.html. If you do get in touch with Kim or Tim, please do let me know how it works out. Maybe I’ll take a trip down to the glorious New Forest just to check them out…

All the very best,

Jonathan Stewart

Jonathan stewart

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