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Holiday in a Tree - Scandinavian Style

Holiday in a Tree - Scandinavian Style

Sunday 28th July 2013

​To finish off this week’s Scandinavian holiday theme, I’ve got something truly spectacular for you.

In stunning Lapland, deep in the Boreal Forest, which is known as one of the Earth’s lungs, is something wonderful called Treehotel.

This is a series of architecturally amazing houses suspended amongst ancient trees. One house is clad in mirrors, another is a minimalist box, whilst another is painted fire engine-red.

However sophisticated the designs may be, the experience will be rustic, to say the least. With an emphasis on protecting the environment, mod cons will be a scarcity.

But if that’s the price to pay a few days’ adventure deep in the woods of Lapland with some of the planet’s most awesome views? I could probably cope.

The Treehotel people aren’t the first Scandinavians to have though that sleeping in a tree isn’t just for kids. Check out these pictures for more insights into how in Scandinavia, life and nature and style are all part of the same experience.

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